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22 May First Day Home Doula

I hear it often:


“I’m so ready to go home.

          Just a few more things to sign and we’re out’a here..

                    And I’m kind of amazed that they’re going to let us just leave with her.

          I mean…she’s so tiny and we’ve never done this before.

                   What if we don’t know what to do for her or what she needs?

          I can’t believe they’re not going to come with us…


I want someone at home with us at first.”


There’s this thing -this peace of mind- that comes from knowing a kind, knowledgable someone will be with you.


Better yet, a professional. Trained and certified to specifically assist your transition into parenthood in the ways that you define as necessary, helpful, and wanted.


This someone is called a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula.


Doulas Northwest is currently the only agency in Washington offering this specialization in Doula care and is proud to be trusted by all types of families from Olympia to Seattle.


You can have your Doula with you the day you come home with your baby.


You can have your Doula with you for your first nights at home.


And you can decide how long you’d like to continue having your Doula’s presence beyond that.


You are the perfect parent for your baby. It’s your specialty.

Supporting you as you get started is ours.


Peace of mind in parenting. ~Doulas Northwest


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