Doulas Northwest | Labor Doulas-Olympia, Shelton, Aberdeen & Tacoma
Doulas Northwest has a whole new approach to Labor Preparation for partners. Our Doulas serve Olympia, Aberdeen, Centralia, Tacoma and surrounding areas.
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Preparing for Baby

Knowing that your world is changing in some of the best ways, let’s talk about how to make it even better with support from Doulas Northwest.


As you think about how you’d like to welcome your baby (or babies!), we offer peace of mind.

  • Labor/Birth Doula support from Doulas Northwest is provided in 2s. We set you up with a Doula pair so that you never have to worry about your Doula being unavailable when you go into labor. You will have her by your side.
  • Your Doulas meet with you for your initial consultation, in your home for your private labor prep workshop, and again for more detailed birth planning. This series of in person visits helps to build familiarity with both Doulas, and helps them get a full picture of your exact goals & priorities.
  • Your Doulas go on call for you the moment you sign your contract. No need to wait until you are 37 or 38 weeks pregnant to enjoy the benefit of guaranteed support. Your Doulas share an on call schedule with each other much like that of a care provider practice, and sere as built in back up for you. (No mystery back up.)


 You can expect extensive knowledge and reliable availability.

  • Double the Doulas, double the access to information, emotional support, and your trusted resources! Both of your Doulas are happy to entertain questions big and small as you make important decisions or need an unbiased listening ear.
  • Your Doulas are well versed and experienced in navigating local area birth facilities and options, making them the perfect guide for you and your partner when building a birth plan tailored to your specific goals. At the same time, they remain flexible and ready to adjust to your new support needs, should plans need to be changed.


 We love confidence and want it for you.

  • Enjoy your early labor knowing that your Doula is just a phone call away. Ready to assist when you need her, your Doula is available by phone for emotional and informational support, joining you for in person support at your request .
  • Working seamlessly alongside your partner, your Doula is a presence of strength and peace so your partner can participate at the level to which he or she is comfortable. Helping reduce the pressure to know everything, your Doula enhances your partner’s ability to effectively support you.
  • Knowing that labor and birth can be unpredictable in length and intensity, the combination of support from your partner and your Doula is unbeatable.


 Skilled guidance, offering comfort and continuity of care.

  • Your Doula is prepared to assist you with position changes, breathing techniques, knowing when and how to touch…all designed to decrease the discomfort of labor and increase your satisfaction and comfort.
  • Your partner can thrive with your Doula’s guidance in these physical support dynamics and you both benefit from he or she finding success when looking for ways to offer you comfort.
  • Nursing and care provider shifts change, but your Doula support does not! Enjoy continuous care from your Doula throughout your labor and birth. Should your labor go longer than anticipated, enjoy the option of bringing in your other Doula for a fresh, rested face of support.
  • Your Doula remains with you for up to two hours after the birth of your baby. During this time she is focused on you, typically assisting with initial skin to skin and breastfeeding if desired, as well as other logistical support needs so that you can enjoy the newest member of your family.
  • Your Doula celebrates your success and strength!

Are you ready to receive the support you are looking for? We are ready to bring it to you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Babies born on their estimated due date0%
Birth plans altered during labor 0%
Our doulas who support your decisions0%

Childbirth Education for the Northwest Parent

Birth and parenting are different today, than when our parents were
preparing for us! Knowing this, we have uniquely designed CBE options
designed to get you the education you want, in a way that fits your life.

The Works: Your full, comprehensive class designed to prepare you from start to finish with the wide range

of information commonly sought by parents planning to give birth in a hospital or birth center.

This class helps you know what to expect, when you don’t know what to expect.

-Private, in home class scheduling available by appointment

-3 week series option

-Full, all day Saturday option

The Refill: Your half day refresher class, designed for those who have previously taken CBE or who don’t desire

a full course. Not your first cup o’ CBE joe? Then this may be just the class for you.

-Private, in home class scheduling available by appointment

Enjoying Your Epidural: Your half day childbirth education course designed to help you prepare for your labor,

knowing that incorporating an epidural is the perfect choice for you. Get familiar with what to expect at your birth

location and the options you’ll have, helping you further enjoy your epidural.

-Private, in home class scheduling available by appointment

Your Cesarean Birth: Your half day CBE class designed to teach you what to expect at your chosen birth location

when planning a medically needed cesarean or repeat cesarean. What policies and protocols are in place? Which details

have flexibility built in? What are the best avenues for communication when additional information is desired?

-Private, in home class scheduling available by appointment

The Modern Grandparent: New grandparents, this class is for you! A fun and informative class designed to help you

get up to speed with today’s parenting methods and atmosphere. No need to feel confused or frustrated, let’s get you

ready for your new grand baby on the way!

-Private, in home class scheduling available by appointment

To schedule the childbirth education that is best for you, please contact us at 360.602.1564 or


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