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14 Jun Pregnancy: Top 5 Ways To Beat The Heat

One of the great things about Doulas Northwest is that while we are a cohesive team, it is still made up of individuals. Individuals with various experiences in life, pregnancy and parenting.


Today, I’m excited to share this guest blog post written by Heather Bourns, one of our amazing Doulas and Postpartum Placenta Specialists…enjoy her fun and expert tips!




Being pregnant four of the last five summers, I’d like to consider myself a professional at being pregnant this time of year.


I love the warm weather! But even for me, it’s a stretch sometimes. When it’s hot, it’s a little extra hot for both me and my bun-in-the-oven.


Outside of pregnancy, I am all about laying out and getting a tan but when pregnant in the summer, I find myself uncomfortable really quickly.


All of this time spent being pregnant in the summer has helped me develop some tips that can:

  • keep you out there enjoying the weather
  • add some bronze to your pregnancy glow
  • keep your nausea and internal sauna at bay


These are my top 5 ways to beat the heat this summer!


Stay Hydrated

I know we hear it a lot, but the truth is that staying well hydrated during pregnancy helps physically support both you and your baby, and can keep you more comfortable overall. The more you drink refreshing fluids, the better you feel. And it keeps your skin hydrated so you don’t crisp up like your favorite piece of bacon.


Get Busy

Finding fun things to do and staying busy is important when trying to keep your mind off of the heat. That can mean anything from working, hosting an intimate barbecue with friends, or finding new corners of the PNW to explore. I’d encourage you to think outside the box and get creative!


Tame The Hot House

Sometimes we need to keep it cool without a pool. And if you are among the many in the Pacific Northwest who do not have air conditioning, I’ll tell you what works for me. Open the windows early in the day, strategically place a fan or fans, turn down the lights and reduce how physically busy you are. Avoid hot foods and defer to cool food and drinks like: salads, yogurt, and lemonade.


Long Hair, Don’t Care

Summer is the season of the ponytail, bun, or cute braid even when you’re not pregnant. So to help reduce overheating under your luscious locks, avoid blow drying or using your straightener. Consider letting your hair air dry instead. If your hair is out of control, use an easy hairstyle to keep it out of your face. This will keep you cooler, and your hair will thank you for the break. Try some of these!



Smoothies are my favorite way to get lots of fruits and veggies in for the day. They are a great source of baby building calories and there are almost endless ways to make them extra tasty! Check out these fun smoothie recipes, perfect when you are pregnant in the summer:




Heather Bourns is not only an accomplished and valued PNW area Doula, but she enjoys her life as mother to two young beauties, waiting for her third to arrive in a few months.


You can find her on social media at:



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