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20 Apr Reclaiming Postpartum


We have a problem with the word “postpartum”, in western society.


There is this pause, this weirdness…this stigma around the word “postpartum”.  The images it brings to mind and feelings it evokes are often uncomfortable at best, and really painful at worst.


Why is this??


Why is it tolerated?


I’m at the point of #WTF? with the promotion of ideas like:

“I did it alone, so you can too.”

“Don’t expect to sleep for the next (however long)!”

“You just have to put in your dues and tough it out…”

“You’ll figure it out –it’s supposed to be hard in the beginning.”


As a Doula, as a mother, and as a human, I’m over it. Over the acceptance of new parents being made to feel that they “just have to tough it out” and that they are somehow weak if they seek help or guidance.


Let’s be real about this.


Seeking labor and birth doula support when having a baby, is celebrated in the Pacific Northwest as a great way to prepare for an empowering birth experience.

…to explore your options and end up more prepared with education and decisions that work for you…

and ultimately to walk through your birth experience with a type of support and guidance that highlights your strengths and capabilities.


If you yourself haven’t hired a labor and birth doula, chances are that you know someone who has. In the Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia areas: ‘doula’ has all but become a household name when thinking of professional labor and birth support.


So why is the idea of professional, compassionate, expert support in early parenting such a foreign or taboo concept?


What is it about asking for, paying for, and promoting professional Postpartum & Infant Care Doula support that makes our area’s new families feel like it’s a hush hush thing?


I watch a lot of people speak about ‘postpartum’ anything as a weakness. Underlying messages that leave new parents feeling like they don’t measure up if they:

  • Have a question
  • Are uncertain about infant feeding
  • Aren’t getting the sleep they need to remain healthy
  • Don’t love every second of new parenthood
  • Wish they had an expert who would walk alongside them


And what I’m saying is that it is not weak to hire a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. To arm yourself with a professional person designed to highlight your strengths and leave you feeling more confident and capable than when you began.


Hiring this type of support as you learn to live with baby is the strong thing to do, if you want to find your groove quickly and take charge of this new gig called parenthood.


We invest in what we believe will elevate us somehow and help us feel good, right? Investing in a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is just as much about investing in yourself, new parent, as it is about investing in your baby.


Let’s chat about what that can look like for your family. (360) 602-1564



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