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03 Dec Grocery Pickup: A Parenting Life Hack


Let’s face it, my kids are 18 and 13, and I LOVE picking up my groceries in the special little pick up area designated at my grocery store. It’s easy, and the best thing ever for this lady who doesn’t love crowds.


But there are some real reasons why we at Doulas Northwest recognize it as a legitimately good parenting resource, especially when your babies are very young and during the winter flu season. 


Grocery Pick Up is basically the definition of a Parenting Life Hack!


–> Less Physically Demanding

When you don’t go inside, you don’t have to take your babies inside! No need to haul car seats full of baby, strollers, or diaper bags into a large store and then push off of this around with you. 

During the initial few months of postpartum recovery, this helps you do less while you’re being careful not to overdo it. And after you’re ready to ‘do more’, it helps you save your energy for activities you’d rather spend your energy on.  


–> Time Management Between Feedings

Raise your hand if you love getting caught in the store or on the way home with a hungry (read: crying) baby because the store was busy, with slow checkout lanes? No? I didn’t love that either. 

Picking up your grocery order means no crowded shopping isles or slow check out lanes. (Yessss!)

It is now easier to time your grocery grab between feedings. 


–> Fewer Strangers Touching Your Babies

Need I say more? 


–> Less Exposure To Illness

The goal of every new parent: avoid unnecessary exposure to colds, the flu, and every other source of illness we can think of…

When picking up your grocery order without going inside, the exposure to bacteria and viruses that cause illness is minimized to almost zero. We love that! 


–> Avoids Delivery Fees

Yes, having groceries delivered is the ultimate in convenience. And the fees add up quickly! Choosing free pick up at the store saves $$ and still allows you to get out and breathe some fresh air for a few minutes. It’s a win win.


–> More Time To See Who You Want To See

As a new parent, your time and energy for socialization may feel limited. Why waste that valuable time in the grocery store? Pick up the goods and spend your time with the ones who you want to see, instead. 

Coffee dates, the occasional night out with friends, parenting support groups…suddenly seem more feasible. And these moments of connection are important for each of us. 


So, if you haven’t tried the grocery pick up option yet, have I sparked some interest? Even with my older kids, I find this to be a huge improvement to keeping my family fed. Life is busy!


In the Pacfic Northwest, several well known grocery chains have pick up options after placing an order online. Safeway, Target, Walmart, Albersons and Kroger just to name a few. Find the ones in your neighborhood that you know and trust!


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