Doulas Northwest | 3 Ways To Maintain Control During Your Postpartum Recovery
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Maintaining Control In Postpartum

30 Nov 3 Ways To Maintain Control During Your Postpartum Recovery


“I don’t want lose complete control of my life…” is a common statement that new families come to us with. They’re worried about giving up control, even though they are also excited about welcoming their baby. They feel conflicted about these things and want to talk about strategies to maintain a reasonable amount of control.


So what can you do? Yes, new babies change things. But are there ways to keep from feeling like you’ve just stepped onto a runaway train? You bet. 



Identify Your Specifics


“You’ll never be in control again!” is a big, and very broad idea. First, let’s get into the nitty gritty of exactly what you don’t want to lose control of. 


  • What are 3 baby “things” that are important to you to have good control over? Clothes & blankets? Bottle supplies? Diaper station? Identify what things would disrupt your sense of control.
  • What are 3 “actions” you don’t want to feel out of control with? How to bathe baby? How to swaddle? How or when to incorporate a breast pump? You get the idea…think about some of the new things you’ll be doing with or for your baby. It is time to increase your “baby tasks” comfort level.
  • What parts of your pre-baby life & routine are you most worried about losing control of? Sleep? Meals? A shower every day? Figure out which routine things leave you feeling best so a strategy can be built around incorporating your baby into your life, rather than you feeling like you can’t control the most important aspects of it anymore.


Start Prepping 


Obviously, prepping before a baby’s arrival will be easier than after, but it can still be done even if your baby is already here. So let’s get on it!


  • With all of the books, magazines, websites, and youtube tutorials out there, there is a nearly endless amount of material out there to give us visual ideas for organization. It’s really just about your individual preferences and what your space allows. But it can take time to get it perfect for you.
  • There are also endless resources for any “how to” you could ever want for baby care! For some things, watching a youtube video will feel like enough. And for others, you may want one on one instruction to build confidence.
  • Retaining control over certain routines in your life will take more intentional work. It can certainly be accomplished through self study/research and implementation. But planning to include hands on guidance and support from your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula will ease the pressure as well as help keep your plan on track. 


Create Your A Team


Your best laid plans will be strongest with the right team of support behind you. Yes, you can go it alone. And many new parents do. But we want you to thrive, not just survive. Here’s how Doulas Northwest supports your plan:


  • We help you develop any parts of your postpartum plan you’re not sure about yet. Current information, resources, product details & recommendations, and strategy building sessions are all available to you when we help you create your postpartum plan.
  • Lean on our years of experience with hundreds of families when fine tuning the organization of baby items into your home. We’ve seen and worked within every style of “keeping things” and can help you get it just right for you. 
  • Individualized, unbiased guidance is the hallmark of in person support with your Postpartum Doula. Learning how to feed your baby, how to clean and care for your baby, how to make time to care for yourself, how to use all of that baby stuff you recently brought home…it’s all part of what we do. Helping you implement your chosen strategies for keeping control of your lives…that’s also part of what we do. 


We’re basically new parent whisperers who also know babies really well.


Your postpartum recovery and early life with a new baby doesn’t have to feel or be out of control. Not if you don’t want it to be. 


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