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now what new baby

08 Jul 5 Things I Crave As A New Parent


I realize now, that there was a time when my days were simple.

I would get up, drink my coffee while it was hot and be out the door on time.

After work, my time was my own. I would go out, meet up with friends, plan the next vacation with my sweetie…and I didn’t realize then, how simple my life was.

Now? Not so much.

The morning begins like an awkward junior high school dance. Excitedly anticipating that hot cup of coffee, yet nervous about waking the child and more prone to tripping than I should be. Will I make it all the way to coffee in the cup before alerting baby to my awake-ness? That is the question.

I am in continual competition with myself. I understand now that I had misjudged coffee as just a social nicety, when actually, coffee is life.

Strategizing a quick shower, finding coordinated (and clean) clothes for myself and baby, mostly drying my hair, remembering the book I promised to return to my friend and bringing an extra diaper feels like a victory on my way out the door to this week’s meet up with my parenting group…honestly, I admire anyone who manages more than this by noon!

I put on my makeup in the car, kind of. Feeling fabulous when I have both eyes done before I get to the meet up! Oh, gum. Yes, because I forgot to brush my teeth.

Knowing that my maternity leave is up in 4 more weeks, I’m feeling the pressure to get my baby to accept a bottle. But so far she hates it and gives me “the look” every time I try to get her to drink from one. How is this supposed to work??

I keep the baby swing in the middle what I call “the action zone” of my home, where I multi-task meal preparation, laundry, pumping to create a freezer stash of breast milk, and Facetiming with friends and family on the east coast in between feeds and diaper changes.

Errands, to-do lists, chores, appointments, activities, go, go, go….and I am not even back to work yet. Moms…Dads…can you relate to this?

By the end of the day, I am tired, I am over touched, and I’m aware that this is going to continue through the night.

Such a different phase of life than what was so simple before! And what I crave today is also different.

So here it is….5 things I crave as a new parent.

Number 1: More sleep and a shower…heck, I’ll just say it. More hours of sleep in a row. And a shower I can relax in, without worrying about my baby!

Number 2: A combination ‘reset’ and ‘self regulating’ setting for my baby. You know, the kind that will help my baby accept the occasional bottle and learn to sleep a little longer at night.

Number 3: Elastic! I’m working hard to love my post baby body, and I’m convinced that elastic is the key to success here. Sophisticated, I know.

Number 4: Throwing caution to the wind, I crave a lot less opinion being tossed at me. I didn’t ask for your thoughts, Janet, thanks. I’ll stay focused on what’s working for my kiddo and I, if you don’t mind.

Number 5: Permission to appreciate time away from my new baby. I’m learning that time away when I need it, helps me be healthier and more present. And this needs to be ok.


Yours Truly,

Awesome New Parent



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