Doulas Northwest | Doulas Northwest-Doulas In Olympia, Tacoma And Surrounding Areas
Labor Doulas, Postpartum Doulas and Placenta Encapsulation services in Olympia, Shelton, Aberdeen, Tacoma and surrounding areas. Doulas Northwest staff are professionally trained, experienced, Certified and insured Doulas who work seamlessly alongside your care provider and birth place staff.
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About Us

better together

This is a team of Doulas. Your Doulas. Valuing community and reintroducing the idea of unbiased support for growing families.

They know first hand the importance of having personalized systems in place that instill the strength and confidence needed to achieve their deepest desires. They want you to feel success and strength as new parents, the same way they have felt as individuals, parents, Doulas and professionals. Their commitment to your experience knows no limits! They work diligently and passionately to provide an exceptional Doula service that is the resource on which you can rely. Their goal is that you feel prepared for your life as new parents, having the peace of mind you seek and the experience of support you are looking for.



Their unified team approach adds a valuable dynamic to your care team & community network. 

With you as their focus, Doulas Northwest offers experienced guidance that is uniquely tailored to the needs and desires of your specific family.

They recognize the strength and wisdom within every parent.

Continually seeking to see your transition into parenthood be smooth and full of confidence,  it is important to Doulas Northwest to offer a wide variety of comprehensive packages and services. Doing so with their cohesive team approach, they ensure that these services will remain available when you are adding baby #2, 3, and beyond to your family.


All of this means:

  • you can trust that these are doulas who value positive working relationships with your health care providers
  • you can know that these are doulas who work seamlessly alongside your partner
  • you benefit from the internal support they offer one another while your care continues
  • that they are flexible, reliable, and available



Unwavering Core Values Of Doulas Northwest

Family Friendly | Flexible | Inclusive | Non-Judgemental | Attuned | High In House Standards | Team Emphasis | Community Involvement

How It All Began


Kristyn Blocher had a vision. Being dedicated to providing the highest quality Doula services available and having owned an independent Doula practice for several years, she decided to do something different. Something more for the community and for her profession. She knew this would benefit those of you seeking professional Doula support and they believed it would be the answer to creating needed sustainability within such a beneficial service.


In 2014, her vision became a reality and Doulas Northwest was born. She watched as (you), the clients flourished under the umbrella of professional expertise, compassionate care, extra resources, and increased reliability.  Doulas Northwest is more motivated than ever to continue providing this exceptional service through the team focused agency approach, elevating the role and professionalism of today’s Doula and making this type of support more applicable to every family. It is her belief that this is a service which helps to fill gaps that are often present in our modern day maternity care and experiences as new parents.


Today, Doulas Northwest is growing, as are the areas of service. She is pleased to be known as the Pacific Northwest’s go-to for the support you are seeking in pregnancy, birth, life as a new parent, and placenta encapsulation. She is proud to be locally owned, family and community centered, compassionate and professional.




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