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31 Oct All Wrapped Up In Today’s Swaddle

When I had my first baby, I found myself on a sharp learning curve. Where everything I thought I knew before baby was just funny, and everything I vowed would never happen in my house, somehow did.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too.


For example: the nurses where my baby was born just had this way..a magical way of swaddling her so that she not only fell asleep instantly, but the wrapping all happened in a flash of folding and tucking. And on top of that, there was no way my baby was busting out of their swaddles.

They made it look so easy!

But within a day or two of being home with my baby, I knew it wasn’t easy.

I was NOT getting the same sleepy results with my fussy baby. It took what seemed like forever to even wrap her up into a complete swaddle. And once there, she broke out of the thing like it was jello.

Sound familiar? Tell me I’m not the only one, folks.

I knew she was comforted by the secure wrap of a swaddle, but learned that she also needed the freedom to move her body, even while sleeping.

So, my sharp learning curve involved teaching myself how to:

  • swaddle a baby so that she would go to sleep in comfort
  • stay asleep longer because she wasn’t waking herself up as she loosened her swaddle  


What I discovered, were several swaddle variations that created the magical combination my baby needed. Realizing that swaddling is not a one-way-works-every-time tool opened up a world of creativity and confidence in me, as a new mother!

Thankfully, today we have a lot of valuable, up to date information to help us break down the options with swaddling, as well as the concerns that some experts have with different techniques.

One thing to keep in mind is that the AAP does not take a specific stance on the practice of swaddling, but does discuss the pros and cons as well as things think about when considering swaddling safety.

This article is one place to start on your search for info about swaddling the newborn.

Something you’ll see mentioned is the need for enough freedom of movement in the legs and hips, which conveniently is the benefit of the technique I demonstrate in this video. Using it allowed my baby to both benefit from the secure wrapping through her shoulders and torso, and plenty of wiggle room for her hips, legs, and feet.

At the end of the day, your baby will either love being swaddled or he won’t. If he doesn’t love it, that’s ok! If he does, I encourage you to remember that there are many ways to swaddle so don’t give up. Try different variations and find the ones your baby loves.

Find YouTube videos on swaddling variations: here.

Find your Postpartum Doula to help with this now that you are: living with baby.


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