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13 Apr An Empowered Postpartum


Everyone talks about the importance of an empowered birth experience.

About supporting all birthing choices and working cohesively alongside care providers in order to help you, the birthing family realize more complete support.

About the reality of the long term impact of how we are treated during birth experiences.


Ultimately, we talk about leaving birth better than we found it.


And then we go. We walk alongside you, our client families as you seek your empowered birth experience and we work to leave birth better than we found it.


At the end of the birth-day, we go home to our beds and we rest well, knowing that the support mission has been accomplished.


But has it really?


Because, when I had my babies, experiencing each baby’s birth was only the beginning. During those pregnancies, it felt like birth was the end goal…until it actually happened.

Once it happened, it became obvious to me that giving birth was akin to

Step One in a weeks, months, and now years long list of parenting steps.


So how about an empowered postpartum experience?

If that sounds like an oxymoron to you, then I’d like to challenge you to rethink this with me.


Let’s consider that:

  • The ‘postpartum period’ is generally considered the first six weeks after a baby’s birth.
  • The medical community has identified and defined physical and emotional recovery phases ranging well into 6 months postpartum and sometimes beyond.
  • The definition of “infant” includes up to 12 months of age.


What is postpartum? And why does it feel like such a …ewww word to so many people?


‘Postpartum’ is defined as: the period of time following childbirth.


A period of time – a normal and expected part of having a baby.

There are physical and emotional components involved in this period of time. And somewhere along the way, it has become an idea which is treated with a lot of hushed mystery.

Today, I’m here to challenge you with the belief that your postpartum period and life with your infant does not need to be filled with mystery.


The idea that you must quietly “do your time” or “tough it out”

is old news, and never what you should have been

told in the first place.


Accepting the loving expertise from your Doula during your pregnancy and birth helped you realize your own strength and empowerment, right? And if you didn’t have one, then it’s likely that you know someone who did.


Enlisting and accepting the loving expertise from your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula after your baby’s arrival, while you are learning to live with baby…also leads to you realizing your own strength and empowerment.


Back to that phrase which seemed like an oxymoron up there: an empowered postpartum experience. Your empowered postpartum experience.


Do you want to have more control over your days and your household when you feel like everything has gone to the birds?

Do you want to feel confident in the choices you’re making as a new parent and know that your baby is thriving?

Do you want expert assistance with developing routine into your life with baby?

Are you tired of feeling alone?


Seriously, give us a call.

Talk to us about what’s going on and we’ll go over all of the ways our specialities will help you get to that place of strength, confidence and empowerment in your new role as parent. | (360) 602-1564



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