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29 Dec Are You A Doula Statistic?

2016 is rolling into 2017.


For some Doulas, that means it’s time to tally up the year’s client stats.


You know, kind of like a report card to tell themselves “how well” that Doula doula’d this year.


Things like:

  • Number of vaginal births
  • Number of epidural free births
  • Number of “successful” VBACs
  • Number of postpartum clients who exclusively breastfed for at least xx time


And so on. Then of course, things like cesarean births or induced labors listed in a “less than”/condescending way.


Well let me tell you something. I’ve been doing this a while now (you can check my bio here) and I can tell you with absolute certainty that:


Listing off a bunch of outcome based statistics is about the Doula and his/her belief that there is a right way and a wrong way to give birth/parent. It’s not about the client and it’s definitely not about promoting unbiased support for families.


I’d ask you: If your Doula is currently posting outcome based stats, reflecting his/her beliefs about your “success” or “failure”…how does it feel to be listed as one of those statistics?


What if your birth or parenting experience falls outside of your Doula’s perceived definition of successful?


Hear me when I say: the ONLY statistic that your Doula ought to be invested in regarding your specific birth and parenting journey is whether or not you were satisfied with his/her support.


The only definition of success your Doula should be using is your definition.


As an experienced Doula, an experienced Doula Trainer, and the founder & owner of Doulas Northwest: I do not and will not keep outcome based statistics on my clients. I will not contribute to the notion that one way means “success” and another way means “failure”.


If you would like to be supported by Doulas who see this the way I do, give me a call and we’ll set you up with your ideal support. Truly unbiased support during pregnancy and parenting changes lives, having the positive impact we all wish for.

(360) 602.1564

  • A Labor of Love Doula Services
    Posted at 05:50h, 09 February Reply

    Thank you,Kristyn!

    I couldn’t agree more! When my clients are happy and satisfied, this Doula is happy and satisfied.:-)

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