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24 Nov Baby’s First Holiday Foods

There are a million blogs and other sources with information and suggestions for what baby’s first foods should be. But this blog post isn’t about that.

This post is about how to include your baby during our busy holiday season, with some ideas on how to incorporate her first foods into your family’s gatherings.

So let’s look at some of the more commonly suggested first foods given to babies that are often present in wintertime holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Potatoes Mmmm, the potatoes.

  • Creamy mashed potatoes: these lumpless mashed potatoes are ready to spoon directly into your baby’s mouth. Check the temp on your own lip and keep the bite size very small if she hasn’t had food other than breastmilk or formula yet.
  • Sweet potatoes: these baked-til-soft potatoes are one of the most common jarred baby foods on the market. Mash a small amount up with your fork and spoon tiny bites for her to try. She may love them!
  • Latkes: a little goes a long way for the new food eater! One or two tastes of these fried potatoes can introduce her to your family’s tradition and let her experience it with you.


Beans Pass that casserole, please!

  • Green Bean Casserole: this dish is practically a rule for many, this time of year. For your new to spooned food baby, dicing the cooked beans up into micro sized bites will allow her to taste the beans and the sauce, much like she would out of a baby food jar from the market.

Watch her closely for trouble swallowing, and let her enjoy her first beans!

Stuffing I’m open to learning your favorite recipe…

  • Stuffing: whether from a box or your family’s super secret recipe, stuffing has many parts that could be suitable for your baby to try in her mouth.

>The soft bread pieces. They must be VERY small, smaller than you’re imagining, and one at a time. Let her roll it around until she swallows it or spits it out.

>The vegetables. Ensure they they are extremely soft and at least partly mashed, giving her one mashed piece at a time. She may not swallow, but may simply gum it in her mouth until she decides to be done with it.

>AVOID offering her any nuts, raisins, other dried fruit pieces, etc from the stuffing.

Pie …pie!

  • Pumpkin pie: this is a great item to let your baby try a few small bites of. She is likely to enjoy it, and it’s consistency is one that will be easy for her tongue to move around in her mouth.
  • Apple pie (and spiced applesauce): the apple pieces in this pie and sauce can be diced into micro pieces for your baby to try one at a time. She may or may not get them swallowed.


No matter what you decide to offer your baby this holiday season, have fun! And use extra caution when considering the choking hazards that always accompany helping babies learn to handle solid foods.

If the timing is right for your baby’s introduction to solids, you know she will love being included at the table with her family by her side!

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