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19 Jun Balancing Visitors After Bringing Home Baby


Now that you have given birth and your scrumptious newborn has come home, you can expect a sharp uptick in visitors both expected and unexpected!

How do you feel about this?

Are you jazzed and energized by the idea of extra people coming by or are you leaning more toward your bedroom hideout, just at the thought of the doorbell ringing?


This is an important thing to consider and be honest with yourself and your partner about.

With the goal of helping your postpartum recovery and transition into parenthood be as true to you and your desires as possible, here are some ways to find the balance you are looking for:

Say YES when yes is right for you, and say NO when no is right for you.

  • Boundaries are not bad! They are protective. Mark yours and stand firm.
  • Say YES, with conditions that work for you. Like: No unannounced drop ins. (Yes, after 2pm; Yes, and can you pick up a package of size 1 diapers on your way?; Yes, but please text before you come to the door to make sure something hasn’t changed for us…)
  • NO is a complete sentence. (No, today does not work, but we can do Friday afternoon and can’t wait to see you then!)


If an open door policy is your jam…great! 

  • Your community of friends and family coming in to celebrate your baby’s arrival can be supportive and joyful. In the amounts that you desire, embrace this!
  • Lots of visitors means lots of time to brag on your beautiful baby.
  • Extra hands equals extra help! (Saying YES when a visitor asks if they can help with a household task is ah-mazing and lets you get an extra moment of rest.)


Privacy, please…PLEASE.

  • A calm, quiet atmosphere at home in the early days can promote you getting the rest you need as well as giving you the space to learn your baby and his/her cues.
  • Having fewer visitors can reduce the tendency to want to “host” company, which can help you focus on yourself and your own family’s needs.
  • Honoring what your instincts are telling you about needing privacy is a good thing! Remind your friends and family that you are focusing on private family time and can’t wait to introduce them to baby, when the time is right for you.


Consider saying YES to a loved one setting up a meal train for you.

  • Community is built around food!
  • If you are up for visiting with company, the friends dropping off food will enjoy this at that time.
  • If you are not up for visiting with company, the friends dropping off food will love that they can contribute to easing your new parenting journey with a warm meal from your meal train.


In the end, your perfect balance of visitors, company, and alone time with baby is just that: yours.

Don’t apologize for asking for privacy any more than you would for asking for the companionship of frequent visitors! 


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