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23 Dec Birth Planning When You Don’t Want To Hire A Doula



What do you do when you want the insight, expertise, and support of an experienced labor doula but you don’t want to invite extra people into your labor and birth? 


What do you do when you want assistance in personalizing your preferences for this birth, but you aren’t sure how to articulate everything?


What if you’re not sure about using an epidural? Or when to say yes to AROM? Or how you feel about the different ways to begin an induction…where is the help in sorting all of this out in real life?


It’s right here! 


Many of our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas are also Labor Doulas and that specialize in providing birth planning support during pregnancy (as well as) all of the postpartum support you can think of. Exciting, right?


So, how does this work?



  1. You contact Kristyn at Doulas Northwest (360) 602-1564 or 
  2. Let her know you’d like assistance with your birth planning & figuring out your options.
  3. She then gets you set up with your consultation services.
  4. You move forward with confidence and peace of mind. 


These professional consultations take place in the comfort and convenience of your home, with flexible scheduling. What could be better?


In the end, you will have received: 

  • unbiased information and support as you make your decisions
  • experienced guidance and assistance in creating a written birth plan/preferences for your own reference as well as to provide to your medical care team
  • personalized attention dedicated to the specifics of your family 
  • preparation and readiness to help reduce the number of unknowns
  • tips on how to effectively speak with your OB and medical care team about questions you have
  • strategies to help your family get on board with your wishes 


How does this sound? If you’re thinking, “FINALLY, real support to help us get ready to have this baby, without having to invite extras into our hospital room!”, then you’ve heard exactly what I’m trying to say. 


Let us know what you need and we’ll let you know how we can help with that. 



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