Doulas Northwest | Change: Every Parent’s Middle Name
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27 Jun Change: Every Parent’s Middle Name



The act or instance of making or becoming different.


Let’s face it. Becoming a parent means change. And lots of it.


Change in routines, in sleep patterns, in grocery lists, in how we work, in how we play, in how we socialize, in how we do holidays & birthdays & trips to Hawaii.


Having babies and small children demands an almost infinite number of changes to our pre-baby lives.


But what about when they get older? I can remember being told that the changes would lessen as the kids got older.


“It gets easier once they’re out of diapers…no more diaper bags.”


“You’ll have more time once they’re in school…”


“Ahhh…it’s great when they can drive! No more chauffeuring!”


Sounds good, right?


Well, my two are older now. Late elementary school and *this* close to the first driver’s license.  


And while it is nice to be done with diapers, 1pm naps, and dicing the hot dogs into tiny pieces…I’m not so convinced that it’s easier or requires less change for me.


The truth is, parenting has awesome moments and really hard moments no matter what age our kids are, all of which are full of change and adjustment. I know that now.


This week, I’m the parent sitting in the lobby of the Driver’s Ed school while my girl drives away with the examiner for her pass/fail drive test.


…last month she was learning to walk, and last week she had her first sleepover. And today she is taking her drive test…


This parenting gig is a trip!


I am so excited for her and incredibly proud of the young woman she is

growing up to be!

And I’m terrified. Both of her being crushed if she doesn’t pass & out there on the road alone if she does pass.


Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that the changes stop after you master babyhood. Not so, my friends.


What I know today, is that it’s not so much mastering the babies that gets us where we need to be as parents…it’s mastering the ability to change and adjust to what each day and each season brings.


I’ll be over here raising my glass to you, while I stay up late waiting for the teenager to get home.



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