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20 Feb Changing The Landscape Of Maternity Care In Olympia!

The face of maternity care in the South Puget Sound area, specifically Olympia, has seen some big shifts so far this year!

As a professional doula serving Olympia and surrounding areas for close to 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with many Doctors, Midwives, and Nurses in action. I have been a witness to a wide variety of birth settings, scenarios, combinations of details, and decision making.

With my years of experience in this profession, I cannot overemphasize the value of the skilled, compassionate medical professional. I have witnessed the blessing that a competent, quick acting medical provider is during a child’s birth. Day in and day out, quality Obstetricians and Midwives are doing a kind of work that quite literally helps the world go ‘round for the people in their care.

I can also attest to having a great appreciation for the variety of options available to our community. I love the fact that women in our area have a number of options when choosing the best type of medical care for them, and where to receive it.

This too, is  invaluable.

Recently, our city has experienced a change in how some of the pregnancy and birth related medical care is being offered.

WomanCare, PLLC has closed it’s practice and two of the Certified Nurse Midwives from this practice have joined Olympia Obstetrics & Gynecology, continuing to offer their expertise and care within OlyOB.

As a woman and professional in this city, my thoughts have been multi layered. I’m sure the decision to implement this change on behalf of WomanCare and OlyOB was multi layered as well.

As I’ve considered the parts and pieces of its impact, I’ve come to some of my own conclusions:

  • I have loved WomanCare and the option it presented to our community’s pregnant patient base! I have personally known and supported so many  women who’ve received highly skilled & compassionate care during pregnancy & birth.
  • Over the years, Karen Swift has shown herself to not only be one of the best in her field, but also an amazing individual outside of her work as a CNM. I trust her heart for women as well as her ability to make confident, sound decisions in regards to how she chooses to facilitate her work as a professional Midwife.
  • I cannot even imagine how many layers there must have been within the decision making that led to WomanCare’s closing. It can’t possibly have been an easy decision to make, but I respect it and have great faith in the ability for many positive things to come from it.
  • Karen Swift, CNM and Morgan Dirlam, CNM have moved over to OlyOB to provide care during pregnancy, labor/birth, and other women’s health timeframes. This detail is very exciting to me! OlyOB is the largest OB practice in our city. A huge portion of our population receives their care within this practice, and I am in love with the inclusion of additional midwives.  
  • Just as I’ve known many women who received their care with WomanCare, the same can be said for OlyOB. This OB practice has always held my admiration and respect, and this professional appreciation has only grown over time.


Thinking through these details quickly led me to the belief that though I’ll miss the presence of WomanCare as we’ve always known it, I also fully believe that our community will benefit for years to come with the integrated nature of OlyOB’s practice model.

I anticipate that the level of excellence already established will only increase and become further refined. I am excited for the future of maternity care in Olympia and our surrounding areas!
Please join us at Doulas Northwest in supporting the dedication, expertise, compassion, and skilled care being offered by the Obstetricians, Midwives, and Nurses in our community! Invaluable is just the beginning…


Authored by: Kristyn Blocher

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