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18 Jul Childbirth: It’s A Lot Like Flying An Airplane


Childbirth is a lot like flying a plane and analogies are fun, come on!



Airplanes have a lot of moving parts like propellers, cylinders, tires, flaps, and rudders. Each part has an individual part to play in flight, yet are part of the whole unit. They function separately, but work together during each phase of the flight’s journey.

In labor, you have a lot of moving parts. Things like your cervix, uterus, hormones, emotions, and baby…they’re all moving! Each part has an intricate role in the process of labor and birth. Yes, they have separate functions, but they also dance with one another throughout.



Maps are awesome. Airplane pilots love them! They tell you all about where you are, and what lies between here and where you want to be. They contain layers of information, as well as showing the many routes you can take in your travels. For the pilot, knowing how to read their map is the key to successful navigation.

In labor, the map has just as many layers, with a lot of possible routes you can take. They all lead to the birth of your baby, but the scenery may be different depending on which highway you are on. As your doula, I not only know the map, but my experience with whichever route you choose can help you travel with extra peace of mind.



Two of the most well-known, important, (and for me, the most fun!) phases of flying…take off and landing. The flight begins with getting off the ground, and ends with landing. During the rest of flight, it can be exhilarating  -with changes in what gravity feels like, turbulence, climbing, and descending.

The trip called childbirth definitely has a point where it takes off, then climbs to cruise altitude, hangs out there for a while, and descends into the finale of landing. How long, smooth, turbulent each of these phases is for you, will be unique to you and your baby. All leading to the destination of adding a new member to your family.


Not sure about how to manage all of your moving parts? We’ve got you.

Feeling overwhelmed by how many details there are on your map? We know the map and can help you navigate the details with confidence.

Looking for insight on take off, cruise, or landing during birth? We are comfortable with each phase of the childbirth process!


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