Doulas Northwest | Childbirth: What Is Your Birth Philosophy?
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15 Nov Childbirth: What Is Your Birth Philosophy?


You and I see it all the time.

“Hi, my name is _____ and I am a doula. My birth philosophy is….I believe that birth is….” followed by a very specific sounding version of what birth is or should be.

If you’ve looked at more doula websites than, then I’m betting you’ve seen it. The statement about someone else’s belief system on birth. Your birth.

But what if that doula’s belief about birth is different than yours? What if their vision of how birth should look or feel doesn’t align with your vision?

A philosophy is a particular system of thought. It is a theory or attitude that guides and determines the behavior and choices of an individual…a personal motto that has been uniquely created based on the experiences and judgments of an individual.


Doulas Northwest intentionally does not speak about birth philosophy. Why we do this simple. It is your birth philosophy we are interested in. Your vision. Your priorities, worries, strengths, desires and plans.

Your priorities are what guide us and determine how we best serve the pursuit of your vision. Your goals become our goals and we believe that this should never be the other way around. As you define to your experience, we honor it, walk beside you in it, and celebrate it.


Because of this, we specialize in supporting you, as you discover and define your own birth and parenting philosophies. Empowerment in it’s purest form.


Our lack of bringing a philosophy to your experience is what makes us some of the most present, non-judgmental, unbiased, unconditionally supportive, compassionate Doulas in the Pacific Northwest.

Doulas Northwest is a group of Doulas who come from varying backgrounds and experiences, who have a broad range of individual interests and passions. We are Doulas who live on farms and drive tractors, who live in the city and ride bikes, who eat fast food, who eat only organic, who go to church every Sunday, whose church is the great outdoors, who shop local, who shop at Walmart, who drink coffee, who drink tea, who love make up and skinny jeans, who love essential oils and Patagonia.

The point is, even with our differences, our mission is the same. Instead of presenting you with a birth philosophy, we ask you to about yours. And that’s where the support begins.



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