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16 Jun Dads: We See You


Dads, we see you:


Listening to understand as your partner tries to explain their feelings

Filled with anticipation as your family’s due date approaches

Trying to decide when to take action during early labor

Watching with love and concern while your partner labors

Ready to move the moon, if it would help

Working to remember how to provide comfort when she can’t get comfortable

Struggling to hold it together when you can’t take the pain away

Beaming with pride and joy at the sight of your baby

Mind blown at what your loved one just did

Anxious to know every detail about your baby, yet nervous to get too close

Exhausted after your partner’s long labor, yet hesitant to let yourself sleep

Unsure about what comes next but ready to take it on

Excited to tell the world about your beautiful new baby

Filled with questions about the minutes to come, and the years to come

Wide eyed as you carry your baby in his car seat, leaving the hospital for the first time

Quickly learning what everyone meant when they said “you’ll see”

Handling the learning curve like a boss and figuring out when to ask for help

Burning the candle at both ends

Loving your family and embracing your new role as father with incredible grace


Dads, we see you. We recognize you and we appreciate you.



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