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05 Jan Do I Need A Night Nanny?


There are about a million reasons why new parents don’t sleep well at night, when learning to live at home with baby.

A few of the more common ones are:

  • Babies wake often to eat, which is normal. Though it grows quickly, a newborn’s stomach is no bigger than a marble, so fills and empties quickly.
  • Newborns make a lot of noise in their sleep. Grunts, squeaks, squirms, stretches, can all keep new parents from fully settling into their own sleep.
  • Physical recovery from birth can include pain and night sweats, interrupting sleep.


And even though it makes sense that all of this is going on, running on little to no sleep will wear anyone down, eventually. 

If you are planning ahead for these sleepless nights, or find yourself thick in the middle of sleep deprivation now…one of the things you might be Googling is ‘night nanny.’

Night Nanny is one of the go to terms we think of when we wonder, “Who is the magical unicorn of compassion and knowledge who comes to us, skillfully putting us at ease, encouraging us to rest and take care of ourselves, and then cares for our baby just as we would…?” 

What if I told you that your unicorn might not be a Night Nanny? Your unicorn is more likely to be a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula.


A Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is skilled and educated in:

  • the physical and emotional aspects of postpartum recovery
  • your baby’s transition to life outside the womb
  • breastfeeding/bottle feeding/pumps
  • your baby’s behavior and newborn cues
  • infant care and comfort
  • infant sleep
  • swaddling (a mastery all it’s own)
  • so much more
  • above all else, your Doula is dedicated to meeting the needs of your whole family inclusively, rather than focusing on baby care alone.


With all of the demands that new parenthood brings, ensuring that you have the ability to get enough rest is vital to a healthy recovery and can add invaluable peace of mind.

Becoming chronically run down and physically exhausted is known to lead to slower physical recovery, increased risk of postpartum depression, higher rates of injury to babies, etc.

We all want what is best for our families.

A rested set of parents is the perfect place to begin!


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