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23 May Doulas Give Back (No Child Wet Behind, Olympia)

“Doulas are doers. We like to help things be better for other people.

~Kristyn Blocher


One of the best things about running this business is the opportunity to give back to our community through the hosting of No Child Wet Behind, Olympia. It offers a literal way to help things be better for others and for that, I am grateful.


The truth is that helping provide this very basic need to area children fills my heart and soul in a whole different way than providing invaluable birth and parenting support, one family at a time.


The truth is that having raised my own children almost completely without the presence or assistance of their other parent: I was often on the edge of not having enough diapers for them. And it is an amazing thing to be able to help those who need it, now.


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So, without further ado…let’s get to the SUCCESS of this year’s No Child Wet Behind, Olympia! The people, the numbers, the DIAPERS.


2017’s effort and event overall, saw:

  • A fewer number of registered 5K runners
  • Fewer sponsorship dollars
  • A greater number of 1mile runners
  • A MUCH greater number of diapers donated
  • NO RAIN on race day!



Our number of registered runners was unfortunately much lower than in 2016, and it definitely affected our overall number of dollars available to purchase diapers!

The group we did have was fantastic and so much fun. I appreciate EVERY single one of you who came out and ran early on a Saturday morning and will be inviting you back in 2018.



Unfortunately, the total amount of funds contributed through sponsorships decreased this year, even though we had more sponsors than in 2016. We had a few repeat sponsors, a few new sponsors, and a few who sponsored “in kind” which was tremendously beneficial to our event’s atmosphere and success!


Now, for the record, I say:

Get ready PNW area businesses and families because I fully intend to get you as fired up as I am about the value of supporting this cause!

The reality is that to truly blow this thing out of the water and make lasting change, we need more sponsorship funds and additional sponsors each year to help see that happen. Let me know if you’re inspired…

*Full list of 2017 sponsors listed and linked below.



The reason we do all of this! It’s about collecting as many diapers for donation as we can and you, the PNW are absolutely vital to making this happen.


I am overwhelmingly pleased to say that our official 2017 count of donated diapers is up to 31,000 (Yep, THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND) and we may have a few more in hand before month’s end.

You guys, this is three times what 2016 saw. To say that I am thrilled barely scratches the surface of how wonderful it is to know what a difference it makes.


Did you know that using the average of 7-10 diapers changed per day in a baby’s first year, 31,000 diapers = somewhere between 3,100 and 4,429 full days of clean diapers for someone?

Someone’s child will have less diaper rash, fewer UTIs, fewer cries of pain, and less stressed parents because of these diapers raised.


I tell you: that is some shit I can get behind. That is a difference worth making.


My heart is full, and until our beneficiary has room for the last 11,000+ diapers, so is my garage.




2017 Sponsors of No Child Wet Behind, Olympia

Repeat sponsors:

Olympia Obstetrics & Gynecology

Small To Tall Pediatric Dentistry

Pacific Northwest Eye Care

The Birthing Inn


New sponsors:

Oly Family Chiropractic

Sound Credit Union

First Baptist Church of Tumwater


In kind sponsors:

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Olympia

The Sugar Canvas Boutique Bakery

Forrey’s Forza

Mantis Graphix


2017 No Child Wet Behind, Olympia Beneficiary

Dry Tikes & Wet Wipes
No Child Wet Behind   #ncwbolympia 



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