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23 Apr Enter: the Certified Infant Feeding Specialist!


We specialize in providing unbiased, nonjudgmental support to every family we work with.

It is something we won’t compromise on. We know and understand that one, absolute way of traveling pregnancy, birth, and parenting simply does not exist and recognize the importance of every family having people in their corner at such a time as this.

One topic that has traditionally been difficult to find unbiased training on, is how to feed a baby.

Infant feeding is one thing that every parent has in common and must make decisions about! It is a universal need that demands our attention and so often leads to worry, fear, and frustration before to leads to joy. 


For birth workers, available trainings on the topic of infant feeding have always been centered around one modality of feeding -breastfeeding. And while it is important to have solid, evidence based breastfeeding education available in our industry, Doulas Northwest also believes that solid, evidence based information is needed in each of the other ways to feed a baby.

It will not surprise you then, to learn that we are THRILLED about the recent launch of a program available to us and other birth workers, dedicated to fully educating a person on ALL of the ways to feed a baby, including each stage of feeding through a child’s first year of life.

This INCLUSIVE Infant Feeding program explores all infant feeding scenarios, and all available of the resolutions for any problem, concern, or desire that you as a new family may have when feeding your baby.


Because, the truth is: There is no one “right”way for each family. There is only the right way for your family. Accepting that breastmilk is considered the biologically optimal food for babies does not always mean that breastfeeding is what is best for each individual family. This is an important distinction.


Of course, we at Doulas Northwest were determined to get in on this training immediately, and we have done so!

What this means for you is: You have birth and parenting professionals in the PNW who are fully credentialed Infant Feeding Specialists. We are here and available to you, as you bring your babies home and determine the best ways to feed them. 

How does that sound? To know that there are professionals prepared to consult with, seek resources from, build your plans with, and have in person support from who can help you whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, feeding with formula, using other methods such as cup, SNS, or any combination of these.

We help you:

  • build an infant feeding plan (much like a birth plan)
  • gain information you want through phone or in person consults prenatally
  • navigate the early days feeding your newborn with in home visits and support
  • explore and implement changes to your feeding plan when wanted or needed
  • travel the transitions involved with going back to work after maternity and paternity leave
  • work through teething, sleep changes, growth spurts, etc as baby grows
  • as you decide what first foods are best for your baby
  • with the stages and variations throughout baby’s first full year of life
  • gain the confidence you desire whether you have given birth, have adopted, have a singleton or have multiples


Your family is valuable and deserves open minded, forward thinking support from people who are not afraid to think outside the box to help you find solutions that fit.


Becoming the first birth professionals in Washington to certify as Infant Feeding Specialists is exciting! And it has equipped us to equip you with the tools and information to make confident choices as new parents while feeding your babies.

Curious?? Give us a call at (360)602-1564 or send an email to to learn about hiring an Infant Feeding Specialist!

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