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25 Nov Fill My Plate With These Top Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving is rich in tradition.

It’s rich in history.

It’s full of football programming for the football enthusiasts.

And for most of us, it’s full of food. Lots and lots of food.

Depending on your own traditions and palate, you probably have some favorites.

Today, I’m going to fill you up…err, in on mine!

Prepare to drool, gaze a little longer than you had planned, and potentially add to your traditional menu.

#5 Baked Yams with Toasted Marshmallows Atop

One of the simpler, yet overwhelmingly delicious  must haves for my plate is this. I don’t have a lot of it, a little will do. But I definitely notice if this dish is missing.

Fair warning: It (could) be one of the tear inducing items that you pull from your oven, should you let the marshmallows stay under the heat element a smidge too long. Flaming marshmallows atop your yams has been known to make pregnant women cry.

#4 My Sister’s Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Never mind that this is more potatoes. These are as traditional and must have on my Thanksgiving plate as they sound. My sister has a way with a potato and a masher, I tell you. Not too smooth, not too lumpy, but juuuuuust right. Just don’t tell her husband that she makes them with goat milk!

#3 Honey Glazed Ham

Yep. I am a firm believer in ham over turkey! While I used to appreciate turkey and eat it happily, that all changed 15 years ago when I was about 6 weeks pregnant for the first time, and the scent of fully cooked turkey came wafting from my oven. With my stomach firmly turned in that moment, I have yet to be interested in turkey again. So, ham it is!

#2 All The Warm Bread Rolls

Oh my goodness, if a warm bread roll dipped in the freshly made gravy doesn’t just do the trick. This small but vital detail on my plate brings nothing but warm fuzzies and pleasant memories. I’m smiling right now, in anticipation.

#1 omg, The Pie

Let’s be very clear now…there is not just one kind of pie that must be on my plate this Thanksgiving. We’re talking pumpkin (yes, of course), cherry, and lemon chiffon. This, my friends is the must-be-on-my-plate combination of pie that I’m talking about.

So there you have it! Potatoes, meat, bread and pie. That’s what my 5 Thanksgiving favorites boil down to.

I’m so curious about yours!


Authored by: Kristyn Blocher

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