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25 Dec Handling The Holiday Hustle


Most of us wildly underestimate how challenging it will be to maintain our pre-baby speed around the holidays. 


We used to cook all of the things, make umpteen shopping trips, attend all of the holiday parties, and decorate for days, right? And this first holiday season with a newborn may give you a run for your money, and your energy. So, here are our best and most honest suggestions on handling the hustle this holiday season. 


Do Half As Much 


Whatever amount of cooking and baking you’ve done in the past…plan on doing half as much. Delegate out the other half, whether that means handing off the tasks to another capable cook or purchasing the goods ready to eat…you will be glad you’re cutting your kitchen time in half. 


Strategize your shopping. Shop somewhere that allows you to buy for everyone on your list at once. Or order your gifts online. But cut your shopping time and energy demands in half (at least) so that you get it all done without overdoing it this year. 


Be willing to say no to at least half of the past parties, gatherings, cookie exchanges, craft days, etc. Choose your favorites and attend only the most important gatherings this year. You can thank me later. 


Simplify your holiday decorations and take the pressure off about how much time and effort goes into appearances. Get festive in the ways that mean the most to you, while keeping it simple and less detailed this year. Let a little go a long way. 


You get the picture, right? Keep as much of your holiday “normal” as you can and want to, while scaling it back and demanding far less of yourself than in previous years. This will be key to enjoying the season and coming out the other end looking forward to next year. 


Take Twice As Long 


After the holiday activities and demands have passed, give yourself twice as long as you used to, to rest and recover.


Spend twice as many days at home, laying low. Twice as many days off work, when possible. Twice as many days without setting the alarm or having anyone over or resuming your demanding social schedule. 


You, your partner, and your baby will benefit from the slower pace and time to downshift out of the go-go-go mode of the holiday season. 


Handling the holidays and it’s typical hustle can feel like a lot -too much sometimes- when our families are very young and sleep is precious. It’s ok to take this into consideration when we choose how much to do and say yes to this time of year. 


We wish you the warmest, most joyful, most blessed holiday season. 


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