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now what new baby

16 Sep I Was So Worried About Giving Birth, I Didn’t Think About What Came Next.


You’ve had your baby…congratulations!

Here are our Top 3 Tips on how to take care of yourself and get settled in at home:


#1) Remember that feeling back to your ‘old self’ won’t happen immediately.

You just produced an entire human and it will take time to physically & emotionally recover.

Regardless of how you gave birth, you may feel like you’ve run a marathon or been in a bad car accident. Pregnancy and birth are very physical and you’ll feel the after effects for quite a while.

Taking things slowly, giving yourself a lot of space, expecting less action than you used to will all be important to your recovery. Think in weeks or months, not days. Add minutes or half hours of activity, not hours of activity at a time.


#2)  Be realistic about your needs at home.

What does it take to make things run smoothly at home? What are the usual demands?

Who else lives there? Who does the cooking? How and when do the chores and errands get taken care of? What are the needs of your pets, property, and career?

Working out a way to have ((others)) take care of your household’s needs while you recover will be  vital to your success in recovery from childbirth. Asking for help is a challenge for most of us! But the time is now for you to do the hard thing, and let others help you.


#3) Gather Your Village and Support.

You know what your home needs and are willing to seek support.

Your circle of people want to be a part of your support system! They love you, are excited with you about your baby’s arrival, and want to see things be as easy as possible for you.

  • Post a running list of helpful, day to day tasks that help your home keep moving smoothly through the day so that your friends, family members, co workers, neighbors, etc can do something big or small without having to ask you.
  • Say YES when they offer to run an errand for you!
  • Accept their gifts of groceries, diapers, supplies, a hot meal when they offer…learn to say, “That would be amazing, thank you!” rather than, “No, it’s ok. We’re good…”


Even when you have a great group of friends and family who want to help out, enlisting the professional expertise of our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas adds an experience of support which has no equal.

Yes, families grow every day without it. Parents struggle through the early months with babies, without it. And babies still grow up loved, fed. But why do we insist on denying the support that feeds new parents? Healthy parents are a vital piece of society who are too often forgotten.


We don’t want you to be or feel forgotten. And so we are here, with you in mind.


Our Top 3 are simple, yet we realize simple doesn’t always mean easy. Let us know how we can help you make sense of things.




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