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07 Jan I’m A New Parent And I Have Questions!


I can hear you now, and I promise you -you are not alone in saying, “They all said having a baby would change things. But ohmygod, I mean…I just have so many questions!”


Some of the top questions we get are:


How do we make her stop crying?


Is he supposed to poop this much??


Is it possible that he is still hungry?


Why does she fall right back to sleep when I pick her up?


How do you get this pacifier to stay in???


How do we get her to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time?


Is she warm enough with this blanket?


How do we give him a bath without making him scream?


Will we ever sleep again?


Is poop supposed to be this color?


How do I know he’s full?


Why do I lay awake listening to her sleep, when I’m so exhausted?


I need a break, but I don’t want to be away from her. Am I crazy??


I thought babies like to be swaddled. Is there a trick to this?


When is it ok to introduce a bottle, if I still want to breastfeed?


If this sounds like some of the questions you have, or might have after your baby is born, then again…you are not alone. And it just so happens that we at Doulas Northwest know how to help you with questions like these.

In fact, it’s what we do. 


We can help you with your questions in several formats even! 

  • Newborn Care Classes
    • Private, personalized newborn care classes, customized to the specific topics you wish to learn about and discuss.
    • Group classes, covering the hottest newborn care topics most commonly asked about.
  • Infant Feeding Support
    • Begin before or after your baby is born, either way works.
    • Create a feeding plan for your child that extends through his/her first year of life.
    • Receive unbiased information and support for how you want to feed your baby.
  • Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Support
    • Daytime support as you catch your groove and establish new routines with baby. 
    • Overnight support as the whole household learns to get restful sleep.
    • Unbiased, educated care meant to walk alongside you while you gain your footing as a parent.


Having questions like these mentioned here is normal. But you don’t have to keep wondering what the answers are. 


Doulas Northwest exists to help you with your questions and see you grow in confidence.


Let us know what you need! 


Seattle | Tacoma | JBLM | Olympia




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