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09 Mar I’m Not The Kind Of Parent Who Hires A Postpartum Doula.


When the first question I hear on the other end of the line is,
“My baby is __ months old…will you even work with us?”,
then I know we’ve got a problem with acceptance and supporting new parents.  And I need to speak to this some more. 


Your baby is not too old for us to support you.

You’re not breastfeeding? We are not the breastfeeding police and we support you too.

No postpartum depression? There are lots of other reasons why our support will help you.

Feeling like you’re not “crunchy” enough for a Doula? We’ve got you and understand your parenting style.

Returning to work does not equal “we’ve got it all down”, but is actually an excellent time to reach out!

Think we only work with birth parents? Think again! Adopting a baby is a big deal and we are honored to support your transition into parenthood.

Think that a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula doesn’t apply to you? 

Doulas Northwest is not “yo mama’s” Doula. 


We work with every type of family, practicing every style of parenting, and specialize in helping you find your own unique version of a parenting style…perfect for your household. Once it’s found, we walk alongside you until you’re running with it, boldly and confidently. 


You are worthy of receiving our support and we want to hear from you.


*even if your baby is more than three months old.

*whether you are feeding your baby with breasts, bottles, or a combination of things.

*even if you do not have postpartum depression.

*no matter your parenting style.

*even if maternity/paternity leave is coming to an end.

*whether you are a birth parent or an adoptive parent.

*even if ALL you want is sleep at night.


At Doulas Northwest, we reject the stereotypical contingencies that we see so many families facing and want the communities of Seattle, Tacoma, JBLM, and Olympia to know that more is out there. We value you, and our support applies to your family. 


This doula agency is built upon the principles of sustainable and available support for Pacific Northwest area families, so that more families can receive the benefits that come with truly unbiased doula care. Learning to live at home with your new baby isn’t an instant transition. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes longer to get your groove as a family. 


How about we start by taking the pressure off a bit, acknowledge that its normal to need a village, and accept each other’s journey as valid. Then maybe we can get on with saying, “Yes!” to ourselves and hire the Postpartum & Infant Care Doula we’ve wanted all along.

Ok? Ok. Let’s do that.


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