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08 Dec Is Your Placenta Specialist Really A Specialist?

Let’s talk placentas for a minute.

I often ask labor and postpartum clients prenatally, “Have you thought about what you’d like to do with your placenta?”

And if they haven’t, then I usually get a surprised side eye along with, “Umm…no? What is there to do with it??”

This sometimes results in a conversation about the option to encapsulate.

Now, let’s say that you’re already planning to encapsulate your placenta. Great! What next? Have you found a Specialist for this job? How do you know that they are the expert they claim to be?

As an experienced and certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist and Placenta Prep Trainer, here’s what I suggest:

  • Find out where and how your potential Specialist was trained.
    • Is he/she trained through a professional training program which offers an official certification? Believe it or not, many people claim to be Specialists after watching a YouTube video.
    • Was it a hands on, in person training which both academically AND through demonstration, teaches the entire process or was it something less? (Online only, a shortened version of the step by step process, offering shortcuts to needed processing equipment, etc)
    • Is the curriculum they were trained by, standardized and does it promote the highest level of safety available?
    • Is there a way to file a grievance, should you have a negative or unprofessional experience with your Specialist?


  • What amount of detail is involved in your potential Specialist’s certification?   
    • Do they have to take a test? How is it evaluated?
    • Are things like additional Blood Borne Pathogen certifications required?
    • Do they have experts they can reach out to for help, such as their trainers or other mentors in their field?
    • What must they study in order to complete and fulfill the certification requirements?

  • Will they transport your placenta and/or process it outside of your possession?
    • This is a big one. If the answer is yes, then I urge you to consider the risks to safety what are inherent with this action.
    • The reality is, that any time your placenta leaves your possession, you can no longer control where it goes, how it is stored, how it is handled, whether it is exposed to things that could result in your harm, or whether it is in fact your placenta that is being returned to you, etc.
    • Having your placenta professionally processed by a Specialist who does not transport for you, or take it out of your possession (only processing in your home) is the only way to fully promote your safety and security during this experience.

  • How much extended support will you receive from your potential Specialist?
    • How available is your Specialist before your baby is born, for questions and to help you prepare?
    • How available is your Specialist during your encapsulation process, for questions regarding your placenta/the process, and for questions about your baby or personal recovery from birth?
    • How available is your Specialist after your encapsulation process, for questions or dialog about your postpartum recovery and your experience with consuming your placenta capsules?


I openly say, “You have one placenta. Do you want the cheapest encapsulation services, or the safest?”


And I mean this, wholeheartedly. Is this really something that you want to bargain basement shop for? Is saving $100 or even $200 for this one service, worth risking your safety and potentially, the effectiveness of consuming your placenta at all?

If you agree with me, that it isn’t worth the risk, then let me know. Email or call asap to get going with your safest option for placenta encapsulation services in the Pacific Northwest.  

You will not regret seeking out an actual Postpartum Placenta Specialist to serve and support your family. We are ready for you.


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