Doulas Northwest | Labor Doulas-Olympia, Shelton, Aberdeen & Tacoma
Doulas Northwest has a whole new approach to Labor Preparation for partners. Our Doulas serve Olympia, Aberdeen, Centralia, Tacoma and surrounding areas.
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Preparing for Baby

You are building your family.


Let’s talk about getting ready to have a baby with┬áDoulas Northwest.



  • Consult with our experts to create your ideal plans for birth:
    • We recognize that having a labor doula present during birth isn’t for everyone.
    • Receive specialized guidance when building your personalized birth plan.
    • Increase your decision making confidence through a better understanding of the process and your options.


  • Receive Private Childbirth Education & Newborn Care Classes:
    • Individualized childbirth education & newborn care classes, customized to the topics you want to learn about, avoiding the topics you do not want to spend time on.
    • Convenience achieved! We bring this class to you, and the comfort of your own home.
    • Equipping you with the knowledge you want, leaving you more prepared and confident.
    • Up to date, current information that helps prepare you to have your baby in today’s world.


  • Think forward with a postpartum planning consultation:
    • Helping you avoid the pitfalls of only planning for birth, itself.
    • Filling in gaps -what to expect at home with your baby and what to be ready for.
    • Professional guidance as you identify your own parenting philosophies.


  • Consultation and Guidance from our Infant Feeding Specialists:
    • Every parent deals with deciding how to feed their baby, it is the universal equalizer.
    • The way you feed your baby can be more than a hope, it can be planned for and supported.
    • Receive guidance on building your infant feeding plan to include baby’s first year of life.

Seattle | Tacoma | JBLM | Olympia

Are you ready to receive the support you are looking for? We are ready to bring it to you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Babies born on their estimated due date0%
Labors that start how you expect them to0%
Families who appreciate our approach to CBE0%
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