Doulas Northwest | Labor Doulas-Olympia, Shelton, Aberdeen & Tacoma
Doulas Northwest has a whole new approach to Labor Preparation for partners. Our Doulas serve Olympia, Aberdeen, Centralia, Tacoma and surrounding areas.
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Preparing for Baby

Knowing that your world is changing, let’s talk about how to make it the experience you hope for, with consultation and guidance from Doulas Northwest.



  • We recognize that you want personalized guidance when planning for the arrival of your baby and learning what to expect at your chosen place of birth.


  • Consult with our doulas about any pregnancy or birth detail you’d like to understand better.


  • Work with our doulas as you decide what your preferences are, what your ideal birth looks like, and to build your own birth plan.


  • Consult with us about what to expect when labor starts and how to decide when to go to the hospital.


  • Receive guidance on thinking beyond your baby’s arrival at the hospital…what will it look like to take your baby home?


  • Consult with our Infant Feeding Specialists to develop an informed, well thought out plan for your preferred way to feed baby once he/she is here.


  • Add peace of mind to your parenting by enlisting us to support you through common feeding challenges  throughout baby’s first year of life!



**Birth planning and consultation is available by appointment. Please inquire about additional availability if you also desire in person doula support during your labor & birth.

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Are you ready to receive the support you are looking for? We are ready to bring it to you and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Babies born on their estimated due date0%
Birth plans altered during labor0%
Our doulas who support your decisions0%
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