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13 Sep New Baby: The 2am Feed


The 2am feed.


You’re thinking about it before your head hits the pillow at 10. Knowing that before you see the sun again, you’ll be up warming a bottle or offering your breast.


With a new baby, it’s inevitable.


Sleep is usually interrupted at least once, if not a few times especially in those earliest weeks.


I often hear one of two versions of this story.


  • The one that goes something like:


Squinting as I put little mister’s bottle together, I nearly scooped coffee grounds instead of formula powder. When he wakes up around 6am, I come to much more easily, but that 2am wake up is a struggle every time. I am just waiting for that glorious day when he sleeps through until 6!


  • And then this other one that sounds more like:


I actually love the 2am feed with this little lady. I never thought I would before she was born. But now, I find that it’s the quietest moments that we get together in the entire day and it’s the most peaceful time to rock, and love on one another without anything else going on. I’m tired, yes. But it’s so worth it for right now!


Which one are you? Or which one do you imagine you’ll be?


Don’t worry -that’s not a trick question! There is no right answer.


Every new parent needs their sleep one way or another and 2am is a tough time to go without it for most of us!


Regardless of whether you relish the 2am feedings or not, know that we are here when you’d like some nights of uninterrupted sleep. It’s ok to want that. It’s even ok to need that.


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