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04 Sep New Baby: The First 48 Hours At Home


Let’s talk about what you want your first 48 hours at home with baby to be like.

What will you do, who will be there, what will you eat, when will you sleep, how will you know that everyone is ok?


I mean, it’s just one new human that’s coming home. It can’t be that disruptive, right?


(If you’re having twins, triplets, or more and then we need to have a whole different conversation.)


But assuming it’s just one new human, it may seem like the impact on life at home will be small also. If you’re saying to yourself, “let’s wait and see what happens…”, then this information is for you. 


I’ve laid out here, off the top of my head, the short list of things our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas commonly find themselves helping with when we spend the first 48 hours at home supporting a new family:


  • 18-24+ breast or bottle feeding sessions, happening every 1-3 hours on average
    • Latching
    • Bottle preparation
    • Positions & pillows for infant feeding sessions
    • Burping -education, positions, assistance
    • Assistance and education for your partner on how to keep you physically supported while feeding your infant
    • Discussion about resources for local lactation specialists as needed, as well as when to contact your pediatrician should you have a concern about baby’s food intake
  • Pumping sessions
    • Equipment set up
    • Equipment clean up
    • Breastmilk storage
  • 15-25 diaper changes
    • Education/tracking the info around normal diaper output
    • Education/information around the normal transition from meconium to mature infant stool
    • Guidance when learning how to confidently change your baby’s diaper
  • 15-25 swaddle redos
    • Demonstrating with blankets and custom swaddlers
    • Educating on swaddle variations
    • Helping identify cues from baby on what swaddle variations are most effective
  • Getting baby settled after feeds, so you can focus on sleep and recovery
    • Changing, burping, getting baby back to sleep and placed into his/her bassinet
  • Clothing changes
    • Education on safe ways to navigate those little fingers, little toes, head & neck
    • Lightening your load!
  • 6 meals
    • Light meal prep
    • Preparation of previously frozen meals
    • Assistance with managing meal train meals as they arrive and are stored
  • Frequent snacks
    • Snack prep
    • Identifying/anticipating when snacks may be needed or wanted
  • Unending water refills
  • Assistance with keeping the household running smoothly
    • 1-5 dishwasher loads
    • Keeping laundry running through your machines as needed
  • Assistance with organizing the baby gifts and supplies not yet put away
  • Assistance with the assembly and operation of new baby gear and other items, yet to be set up
  • Pediatrician appointments
  • 1-3 diaper bags packed while you’re busy with baby
  • Timers for prescription pain medication as needed
  • Ongoing conversations about questions, concerns, explanations, recovery and baby care strategies with you, your partner, and any other family present
  • Emotional support as you and your partner need or want to discuss events around your birth experience, as well as other dynamics going on
  • Noticing the little details that need attention so you can focus on bonding as a family


As you can imagine, this is a round the clock venture. So think of the peace of mind you will have, knowing that you don’t have to go it alone…and you will have more time to sleep, recover, and gel as a new family in these early days.


This is not a time for you to simply survive.

This is a time for you to thrive.

The strongest people I know, know what they need to thrive.



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