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12 May No Child Wet Behind Olympia -the reality


I say this often. And it’s true:


“Doulas are doers. We like to help things be better for other people.” ~Kristyn Blocher


Doulas are people who get into the work of supporting families during the arrival of new babies and transitions into new parenthood…not because they love being up all night. Not because they love being on call or at risk of missing out on their own family activities. Not because doula work is glamorous…


Doulas get into the work of supporting families during the childbearing years, because they want to help things be better for other people.


Here and now, after nearly ten years as a professional Doula, I can confidently say that my type of professional support is not a physical necessity. Those who desire it seek it out and invest in it, and they in turn benefit greatly from it.

Being supported during birth and early parenting IS a necessity for families. Receiving that support from a trained expert – a professional – isn’t a physical necessity.


But you know what IS a necessity? Food, clothing, shelter. And for the babies in our community…diapers are part of their necessary clothing.


The amazing and alarming statistic is that 1 in 3 local families who have diaper aged children, struggle to afford enough diapers to keep their babies/toddlers changed often enough. 1 in 3.


And when I talk with people about this, they say: “Oh man…” at first, until they hear the rest.


When they hear the rest:

  • The struggle to afford enough diapers is caused by a number of factors -it doesn’t mean that a family isn’t trying.
  • State subsidies such as Food Assistance, Housing Assistance, etc do not pay for diapers.
  • Our local food banks do not offer diapers.
  • Laundromats do not allow cloth diapers to be laundered due to sanitary concerns.
  • Day cares typically require disposable diapers to be provided by the parents.
  • Babies/toddlers who cannot be changed often enough develop more frequent diaper rashes and UTI infections, causing pain and increased stress levels for babies and parents.
  • Statistical rates of domestic violence and child abuse rise with increased stress levels in the home.


…hearing the rest usually results in peoples’ eyes widening, then becoming sad and them saying: “Ohmygod, I had no idea. I had no idea that the problem went so deep and that it was so hard for families to get help with this…”


And this is why I do this. This is why I talk and talk and talk about No Child Wet Behind.


No Child Wet Behind Olympia is Doulas Northwest’s give back.


It’s our way of going beyond providing valuable pregnancy and parenting services to Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia area families, and helping things be better for other people.


For you or for your neighbor. Maybe for your sister and her family. Or the lady who rings up your groceries at the market.


Being a part of No Child Wet Behind as it’s Olympia host and facilitator on an annual basis is one of the BEST things Doulas Northwest has done and will continue to do.


I urge you to support this cause.

Come see us May 13th at Heritage Park in downtown Olympia to show your support and donate disposable diapers.

Register for the 5K or 1Mi fun runs and bring your friends and family!


All 2017 diaper donations go directly to Dry Tikes & Wet Wipes -a local 501(c)3 non profit founded and operated by Lance Benson, of Benson Property Management.


Our area’s families are healthier and happier because of this event.


For a full list of all 21 US cities hosting No Child Wet Behind events this year, go to .


No Child Wet Behind, Olympia
May 13th, 2017
Heritage Park, downtown Olympia
8am-11am (7am for the runners)

Online race registration:
NCWBOlympia Amazon gift registry: 


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