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28 Mar One’s Company, Two’s a Crowd and Three’s a Party! Let’s Talk Multiples!


More is always better! Right?


The addition of one newborn can be tough to navigate in the early days of your postpartum recovery. So it makes sense that welcoming multiples into your family will be exciting as well as terrifying. And every emotion in between.

Prepare to feel all the feels. Plan realistically, let go of idealistic expectation, and this journey can be filled with JOY, even in your earliest days as parents.

During a loss of cabin pressure, WE put the oxygen mask on first, right? Or, we might not be able to  help those around us. The same applies when starting life at home with our newborns and growing family.

Step 1 of putting on your parenting oxygen mask is to say YES to available help. Parenting newborn multiples is no joke and it is important to recognize when asking for help is what’s best for your family.


There is a lot of truth to, “it takes a village.”


Your partner, other family members, a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, and an Infant Feeding Specialist are all amazing gifts to you during this time. Finding a balance of self-care and infant care is key.


Are you concerned that the needs of your multiples will overwhelm you and dictate your schedule? Creating routines with the assistance of our experts will build confidence and make room for your life to remain your own.


Feeding multiples is a big job, but doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Tandem feeding helps most families and scheduled feedings often help it all run more smoothly. If your multiples are born prematurely, they may require more frequent feedings which makes tandem feeding on a schedule make even more sense. Apps like Baby Connect are well loved by parents of multiples.


Whether bringing home one baby or many babies, your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula and your Infant Feeding Specialist can take the edge off and bring peace of mind to you and your family.  These caring, professional additions to your circle of family and friends bring education, expertise, and a presence that is invaluable.

From the physical support of assisting with infant feeds or restocking your postpartum recovery snack stash

          …to the educational support of talking through bottle options or swaddle techniques

                    …to the emotional support of unconditionally listening as you express your range of

                    feelings and thoughts about this new gig called parenthood,

your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula and your Infant Feeding are with you.


The beginning with your newborn(s) may be rocky, but the road ahead gets easier. Some say that multiples are more independent early on because of their ability to develop in relation to each other. From day one they have each other for constant interaction, stimulus, to play with and comfort each other.  Science has even shown that in time, multiples may become inseparable and be more strongly bonded, allowing them a social advantage in relating to others and negotiating in groups. They’ve even been known to develop their own language where they mimic each other instead of their parent’s speech patterns. All so interesting!


As you navigate your path to family, and it includes multiples, consider how incorporating the expertise we bring will ease your transition and help your family’s growth be a smooth as it can be.


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