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19 Feb Parenting On Purpose


I had a soon to be first time dad tell me the other day,

“This has given my life purpose…in a way that nothing else ever has.”


This statement is profound and simple, yet beautiful and complex.


New parents in our JBLM, Tacoma, and Seattle area communities are special people. Capable of roughing it on the trails up to the pass, savvy when preparing new software for the next tech marvel, always ready to protect in our nation’s armed forces…the Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most caring and capable I’ve ever known.


I watch new parents take on this new purpose in a lot of ways.

  • Some research. Everything from “how will labor start?” to “the best nipple cream” to “pros and cons of pacifier use”. The researching parent may have notebooks or binders full of information they don’t want to forget. They may have the latest article bookmarked so it’s easy to find and share. And they feel empowered by learning as much as possible about every possible option and item.
  • Some plan. Planning the gender reveal party, the baby shower, the maternity or paternity leaves, the baby’s nursery, the photo shoots and details of birth…planning becomes an expression of this parent’s new purpose and they are driven to have a plan for each step of welcoming their child. The more is planned, the more confidence is built!
  • Some worry. I watch some parents worry about whether they will be enough, do enough, know enough, love enough for their baby. They find it difficult to relax into the the things they want to be excited about and their sense of purpose looks like a protective drive to ensure that all aspects of their child’s arrival safe and secure.
  • Some celebrate. These parents respond to their new purpose by highlighting each new development and stage of pregnancy, embracing the new milestone. Their purpose manifests as a celebratory pride and desire to share their happiness.  Each day of pregnancy is a day closer to meeting their legacy and if they can’t shout their joy from the virtual rooftops, they may feel that their purpose is being stifled!


One of the things I love most as a professional Doula and Infant Feeding Specialist is seeing your purpose manifest. No way is better than the other way, and all are born of the same sincere desire to fulfill your life’s work as parenting becomes part of it.


So what are you researching? What plans have you made? Anything I can help relieve your worry about? I’m all about a celebration!


Let’s get you taken care of as you make your way as new parents. Your purpose is important!


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