Doulas Northwest | Parenting In The Northwest: 2019 In Review
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17 Dec Parenting In The Northwest: 2019 In Review


2019 in review…there is so much! So much I could say about the wisdom, tenacity, and unconditional love of new parents in the Pacific Northwest. 


For the record: The only statistic Doulas Northwest tracks is whether the client families we serve feel heard and supported while they grow in confidence under our care. Pretty simple really, but invaluable in our opinion. Because good parenting isn’t about how a baby is born or how a baby is fed…or any of a hundred other parenting choices out there. 


In 2019, Doulas Northwest came alongside families amidst:


Their very first days at home with new babies

Emergency trips out of state

Tough transitions into infant feeding routines


Difficult physical recoveries from birth

Concerns about managing baby’s weight gain

Syringe and finger feeding breastmilk and formula

The need to talk and decompress at 2am

Tears of joy and tears of frustration

Celebrating breastfeeding progress

Intense trips for follow up visits with hungry twin infants

Worried calls to the hospital to find out if further assessment is needed

Hilarious and explosive diaper changes

Sleepless nights

So.Much.Spit up

New parent jitters

Moments of pure joy and admiration

Bottle feeding from day one

Re-admissions to the hospital, days after birth

Pure exhaustion

The best bed head after a night’s sleep

Solving the swaddling mystery

Fierce strength

Knowing when to lean in

Unfailing humor


…and so many more moments. 2019 has been a year to remember -not because of any statistical thing when it comes to parenting choices, but because of the people. Genuine, loving parents who care for their families unendingly and with the truest love there is. 


These parents are our people. 


Doulas Northwest exists to support our people and we welcome 2020 with open arms. 



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