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30 Jul Parenting: Survival Tactics


As a business owner, mother of two, and Director of Training & Development for ProDoula, life moves quickly!

Time is precious and sometimes has to be strategized. Maybe you can relate?


Here are a few of my survival tactics:

1) Coffee. Every morning. This is non negotiable. I have been known to make early morning runs to the nearest corner store in my slippers because: I have coffee beans, but no 1/2 & 1/2. I’ve also been known to make pre-shower runs to the nearest coffee stand because: -how did I forget to pick up more coffee yesterday?!-

I am not me, without my coffee.


2) Loud music in the car. I am definitely a lover of music. And most of my non-driving day involves people, which I also love. But during my professional people-ing is not the ideal time to have my mini rock concert moments, is it? So…if you see me on the road and wonder where that deep base is coming from: it is probably me.

3) Everyone does their own laundry. I’ve never been known for my exceptional housekeeping skills, and as a busy single parent, even less so! By the time my kids were 9 or 10, they had learned how to manage their own laundry. Some would say that this is too young, but I have found that it has helped give them a sense of control over their world that is really valuable. And it saves my bacon, daily!

4) I talk to my BFF almost every day. This may seem like an obvious one, but I have found that as our lives get busier, maintaining truly connected friendships gets harder. Saying yes to a phone call from my best friend of 20+ years, even in the middle of a busy work day, keeps me connected to what’s important and keeps me grounded.

It’s important for me not to neglect this.


5) I fly airplanes. Yep, you read that right. Along with the above description, I am also a Commercial Pilot with a history in aviation that I love. Today, I fly simply because I do love it and it keeps me connected to my truest self. I realize this isn’t everybody’s jam, so might be less relatable.

But c’mon, it’s pretty damn cool, I think. And I promise, you like me better when I spend enough time in the clouds.


Life is full and life is rich…never a dull moment!

As new parents, I encourage you to embrace the strategies that give you time to breathe, keep you feeling in control of life’s trajectory, help you stay grounded and connected to your most important people.


Becoming a parent changes this life, but it doesn’t have to mean that we give up who we are. 



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