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05 Jun Parenting: What Day Is Today?


I’m doing another day.

What day is today?


It’s easy to lose track, considering how repetitive everything feels.


Feed and change every three hours.

What time is it now?

Did I sleep last night?


Someone just asked me to go out on Friday.

That should sound like fun,

But right now, it just sounds like work.

To get showered, dressed, made up and feeling cute.

I haven’t felt cute in forever.


Always with my baby -it’s kind of suffocating.

But I miss her so quickly, if I’m away from her.

Makes no sense.


I never knew how awesome-hard raising a baby would be.

Sometimes awesome, and almost always hard.

The weirdest thing ever.


People think I’m loving every second.

Haha, I’ve got them fooled.

I’ve mastered the classic slap-it-on smile,

And the brace-your-shoulders for this uncomfortable public moment.

So well, that no one can see my struggles.


Really, I wouldn’t go back if I could.

This child is everything.

She is my past, present, and future.

And I know I’ll figure out who I am outside of her, again.


I’m learning how deep my soul is.

How much hidden strength I actually have.

How capable I am.


This parenting gig may be pushing my limits,

But I can do another day.

What day is today?



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