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04 Sep Pass The Coffee, My Kid Is Teething



So just about the time you thought peace, love, and sleeping were settling back into your day to day…teething happened. 


What is this that has taken over my child??”, you ask?


They are fussy. Like, really fussy. Being tired, rested, hungry, full, cold, warm, held, put down, rocked, sung to, and played with all seem to make it worse.  Doesn’t seem possible, does it. 


For them, having their teeth rumbling through their gums leaves them acting like you and I feel when we have winter’s relentless head-sinus cold for the third time since Thanksgiving and our whole body aches. But we can’t take any more time off work and this week has extra project deadlines. Nothing really helps other than to take the edge off momentarily and we’re very grumpy.


They are not sleeping. As in, I’m having flashbacks from our first four weeks at home with this baby and the not-sleeping that happened then. All of the work we’ve done to help this baby learn to sleep at night seems to have undone itself and we’re back to square one.


This is really tough and it’s easy to throw your hands up and reverse all of your sleep decision making in an attempt to get some kind of sleep. But, do your best to stick to your routines! 

You’ll be up more at night while this teething is happening, yes. 

You may need to incorporate some extra rounds of soothing and pediatrician recommended pain relief strategies, yes. 

And when this round of teething is finished, your baby will be able to settle back into the routines they’ve learned. Hold fast parents, hold fast.


I am not sleeping. Because my baby is not sleeping. And again…flashbacks. I might lose my mind and I’m not sure how many nights I can do this. It feels harder now, than it did when we first came home with our baby. 


We hear you! Sleep deprivation is a method of torture, for a reason. It works with great savvy to wear a person down affecting their mental, physical, and emotional health. So think about enlisting reinforcements.

-Bring in a best friend for a night, one of your parents for a day, or our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas for either daytime or overnight support. Even if just for a night or two so you can take a break from team no sleep. 


They are in pain and that feels super shitty. Yes! Amidst all of this, you never forget that the source of the fussiness, sleep issues, and overall grumpy vibe is that teething is painful. It always feels terrible to know that our baby is in pain or struggling and validating that it’s a shitty piece of parenting, is necessary. 


Remember that you haven’t caused this. And you’re not doing anything wrong because it happening. You’re walking beside your child on their journey, doing everything you can to show them love and comfort, as well as guidance. You’re an amazing parent! And I completely support your decision to hire a sitter and go out for a cocktail. Have two. Because the teeth will keep coming and you’ll want to be ready. 



Your ready-when-you-are team at Doulas Northwest 


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