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01 Oct Placenta Encapsulation: Is It Right For Me?


It seems like everyone is talking about placentas, these days.

Placenta encapsulation.

Placenta safety.

Cord keepsakes and their hopes of what benefits they may experience!


The practice of consuming one’s own encapsulated placenta (Placentophagy) is considered natural, usually beneficial, and by some, trendy.

And in my experience, it is becoming increasingly mainstream and less alternative. 


Invariably though, when speaking with people about the option to keep their placenta, I see a wide range of responses. Everything from “Oh yeah…? I can see why that would make sense!” to “Uh…GROSS. Stop right there!”


If you are one who’s first reaction is to run away when you hear the word ‘placenta’, then trust me, you’re not alone. The *ick* factor is real, my friends.


So, let’s talk about why someone who is grossed out by the idea of keeping their placenta might choose to have theirs encapsulated.


  • You may have heard or read that it can make a positive difference in your postpartum recovery. Everything from less postpartum depression, to a stronger breastmilk supply, to faster physical healing and a reduction in postpartum bleeding is being reported. Maybe you are hoping for the same results.
  • Your friends or family have done it and they are encouraging you to also. Maybe you’re into it and maybe you’re not, but you’ve decided to say yes at their insistence. If this is you, be sure to follow your intuition on whether to go through with consuming the capsules your Postpartum Placenta Specialist makes from your placenta. Only you will know whether it is right for you.
  • You like to have extra insurance. You decide that even if you expect your postpartum recovery to be smooth and complication free, you feel better about taking this extra step to support your body’s efforts. You’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

As a Certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist, I find that some of my clients are on the *ick* factor fence. It is a very normal place to be and ultimately each family must decide whether the benefits they expect to enjoy can outweigh the ick for them.


The reality is: Placenta encapsulation and consumption is not right for every person. Each postpartum person’s body has unique needs, and sometimes, reintroducing the hormones & chemicals resent in your placenta is not what will benefit your body. So, listen to what your intuition and body are telling you.


I respect whatever you decide is best for you, and am more than happy to help you move forward with encapsulation, should you decide to.


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