Doulas Northwest | Pool Hybrid: The Blobz
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03 Aug Pool Hybrid: The Blobz


What is one of the best things about summertime in the Pacific Northwest?




For the explorers among us, water activities and options are well loved and appreciated. In our neck of the woods, rivers, lakes, Puget Sound, and the open ocean are all at our fingertips!


But what if staying home is what we need? If installing a pool isn’t the most desired or practical thing for you, then check out this pool hybrid.


Here, Doulas Northwest team member, Heather Bourns, talks with us about her family’s experience with an H20GO! “Blobz”.


Is it a pool?

     A slip and slide?

          A sprinkler?

               A bouncy house?

                    A chalk board?




I stumbled upon this particular splash pad/water pad recently, at a local retailer. Immediately intrigued, I started checking out all of the variations. I found all shapes and sizes, with different activities built in depending on age ranges and interests.


Because we have two toddlers who love to express themselves, the Fun Sketching Art Splash Blobz felt like the obvious choice. Just looking at the information on the box, I felt like a kid myself and couldn’t wait to get it set up at home.


Once ready to go, it did not disappoint! About 6 inches tall when full of water, with a built in adapter to attach a hose (sprinkler feature!), my two littles were immediately thrilled with their Blobz.


On our hot days, turning on the sprinkler gets the blob nice and wet, and they can jump on it like a trampoline. Splash heaven! They also make it into their very own slip and slide.


On the more mild summer days, they jump on the bare blob or draw on it with the water-resistant chalk crayon it comes with. Basically, it’s a giant outdoor water bed that you’re actually allowed to jump on.


3 PROS I’ve experienced:

  • Endless different ways to play.
  • You don’t need anything to maintain it like you would a pool.
  • NO drowning hazards! Leave it in the yard -no worrying about your littles getting into it.


3 CONS I’ve experienced:

  • Patience is required when filling it up -just like a real pool, it takes a lot of water.
  • Once a significant amount of water is inside it, you can NOT move it. Be very sure about where you want it and prepared to leave it there.
  • Depending on age, the sprinkler effect may be too cold or a bit intimidating, depending on how your littles like it.


Overall, I give this summertime activity 5 stars! We recently had a birthday party with kids ranging from 1 up to 16, and they all loved it.

In my experience, this is a great option to consider as you enjoy the summer and work on staying cool!


Authored by guest writer, Heather Bourns



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