Doulas Northwest | Postpartum Doula Support During COVID Restrictions, Round Two
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16 Nov Postpartum Doula Support During COVID Restrictions, Round Two


Pacific Northwest families: we know how stressful this year has been with the constant presence of worry and uncertainty. We understand the struggle and are living it with you. You are in our hearts and minds.


As you know, a second round of restrictions have been announced by Governor Inslee. With the restrictions come a combination of frustration at what we know has a devastating impact on individual lives and businesses (ours has not been immune to this), as well as an acknowledgment that these restrictions are a hopeful attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.


Our #1 priority is to provide professional postpartum support to area families in the safest way possible, especially considering the issues during a pandemic. 


So, while there are no state mandates restricting us from providing doula care, our services remain available on a limited bases. Here’s what you can continue to expect from Doulas Northwest:

  • Strict precautions will continue to be adhered to, to reduce the risk that comes with in person support
    • your doula comes prepared to wear a mask in your home
    • extra hand washing before, during, and after being in your home
    • strict adherence to social distancing protocols, mandated mask use, and self quaranting whenever exposure is known or suspected
  • Each doula on our team will work with no more than one family at a time
  • Self administered temperature checks before each shift, at the request of the client


Additionally measures we’re taking to support both our community’s access to effective postpartum support and our medical system’s need for extra consideration:

  • Our schedule will be limited to overnight doula support shifts only.
  • Placenta Encapsulation services continue to be suspended, indefinitely. It is important to us that we do not stress the PPE supply chain further than it is already stressed.


During these crazy times, we are doing everything we can to keep support available safely, respect the boundaries that need to be in place, and offer desperately needed work to our amazing doula team.


Small businesses are in rough shape. Ours has felt the squeeze this year, like many others. Even so, it’s really important to us to keep this support as available as possible. So, let us know what you need and we’ll do what we can to meet that need.


With love,

Doulas Northwest



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