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Your doula is trained to troubleshoot issues that may arise during early breastfeeding and knows when you might need to engage the services of a lactation consultant
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Living With Baby

Parents, we are here to help you get off to the start you envision.

The goal of your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is to help ease your family’s transition from: “We are expecting a baby…” to “We have a baby.” Focusing on support that truly makes a difference, your Doula recognizes that many things are probably going on right now, and usually all at the same time.


Some of our most popular perks:

  • Flexible timing for support during the day, reducing your time alone as you recover.
  • Overnight support that allows you to rest as needed.
  • The option for continuous support during your first 48 hours at home with baby.
  • Extended support beyond your first 6-12 weeks postpartum.


The highest standards and trusted expertise:

  • Our Doulas are trained to recognize the signs of a healthy recovery from vaginal and cesarean birth, as well as signs associated with things that fall outside of the realm normal.
  • Our Doulas are prepared to encourage you and your partner to reach out to your health care provider and other resources when your recovery seems beyond the realm of normal.
  • Our Doulas help you recognize your infant’s feeding cues and other signs of communication in order to increase your understanding of baby’s needs.
  • Our Doulas are well versed in both breast and bottle feeding, and are prepared to encourage you in the method or combination of methods you’ve identified as best.
  • Our Doulas are prepared to help you identify your desired parenting philosophies and work with you to put systems in place that support those philosophies.
  • As much as you desire, our Doulas provide hands on education for you and your partner to help you gain confidence with caring for your newborn;  swaddling variations, nail cutting, bathing, soothing techniques, bottle systems, etc.
  • Our Doulas also know that sometimes the best thing is a listening ear. They are prepared to sit with you and focus on any needs you have for discussion or emotional support.


Infant Feeding Specialties

  • Our Infant Feeding Specialists are credentialed to support and help you develop strategies that align with both short and long term goals around how you want to feed your baby.
  • Breastfeeding support during all stages of your breastfeeding journey.
  • Bottle feeding support from the first day, through baby’s first year.
  • Combination feeding, breast pumps, and the introduction of partial or exclusive bottle feeding upon returning to work.
  • Teething, the introduction of first foods and other feeding transitions.
  • Increase your confidence by creating a detailed infant feeding plan as early as before your baby is born, with our knowledgable guidance.
  • Schedule your consultations in the flexible, “a la cart” fashion OR reserve a series of consultations and visits for infant feeding support for your baby’s entire first year.

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Say hello to the support you’ve been looking for. We are ready to help you receive the personalized support that best suits your family’s needs.

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