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Your doula is trained to troubleshoot issues that may arise during early breastfeeding and knows when you might need to engage the services of a lactation consultant
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Living With Baby

Now that your baby has arrived, we are here to help you get off to the start you envision.

Whether this is your first baby or not, the goal of your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is to help ease your family’s transition from: “We are expecting a baby…” to “We have a baby.” Your Doula recognizes that many things are probably going on right now, and usually at the same time.


Postpartum & Infant Care Doula support from Doulas Northwest is a step above the rest, with extensive options that make it possible for you to receive the type of support which truly makes a difference.


Let’s take a look at some perks:

  • Daytime visits in as little as 5 hour increments, and in amounts that you decide are best for your changing needs.
  • Overnight shifts in 10-12 hour increments, to promote your ability to sleep and/or work to establish nighttime routines so that you can feel at your best the next day.
  • 3 day Live-in options to assist you continually, jump starting a seamless transition from pregnancy to parenthood.
  • Your Doula is trained to recognize the signs of a healthy recovery from vaginal and cesarean birth, as well as signs associated with things that fall outside of the realm normal.
  • Your Doula is prepared to encourage you and your partner to reach out to your health care provider and other resources when your recovery seems beyond the realm of normal.
  • Your Doula will help you recognize your infant’s feeding cues and other signs of communication in order to increase your understanding of baby’s needs.
  • Your Doula is well versed in both breast and bottle feeding, and is prepared to encourage you in the method or combination of methods you’ve identified as best.
  • If breastfeeding, your Doula is prepared to help you establish a comfortable and confident breastfeeding relationship with your baby, knowing when to suggest the assistance of a board certified lactation consultant.
  • Your Doula is honored to discuss and help you identify your desired parenting philosophies and work with you to put systems in place that support those philosophies.
  • Logistically in the home, your Doula can help lighten the load, assisting with tasks to make the day run more smoothly, such as: meal/snack preparation, sibling support, light housekeeping and errands.
  • As much as desired, your Doula will provide hands on education for you and your partner to help you gain confidence with caring for your newborn;  swaddling variations, nail cutting, bathing, soothing techniques, bottle systems, etc.
  • Your Doula also knows that sometimes the best thing is a listening ear. She is prepared to sit with you and focus on any needs you have for discussion or emotional support.

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Say hello to the support you’ve been looking for. We are ready to help you receive the personalized support that best suits your family’s needs.

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