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07 Oct Pregnancy & Parenting: Impossible Information


Information. Details. Being in the know.


We crave these things.


Most of the time, information helps us feel more in control, in charge, and prepared.


Especially when plans have to change or something may be going wrong.


This is invariably true when you are expecting a baby or caring for your newest member of the family.


“We are concerned about your pregnancy. Your baby is not growing as she should.”


“The results from your genetic screening are in and there is something we need to discuss.”


“We never saw indication by ultrasound previously, but it looks like your baby has…”


The information accompanying statements like these is usually earth shattering, yet must-know information.


Life’s most impossible information.


The kind that compels you to lean in as details are offered, generating questions almost faster than your mind can realize them. The kind that makes your heart skip a beat, sucker punching you in the gut so you can hardly breathe.


When we face life’s most impossible information, it can be very isolating.


Suddenly, you’re the one facing this awful thing when everyone else is carrying on as normal. Or so it seems.


You want to shout about it to everyone, yet keep completely silent as well.


In the best of times, information can be both a blessing and a curse. In times of life’s most impossible information: it can be maddening. 


While you are taking care of everyone and everything else amidst your impossible information, make sure you are taking care of you too. Build the team of support around yourself that will keep your needs in mind as you navigate the impossible road.


Know that whatever your personal needs are, they are yours and they are what’s right for you. Don’t let others make it about themselves. Surround yourself with the people who will listen to you and yours.


All our love, the team at Doulas Northwest.


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