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08 Feb Pregnancy: Tell Me Everything!


When your mind is screaming tell me everything! about this pregnancy, how to pick an OB, what labor will be like, and all of the other parts of what to expect…where do you turn?


Dr. Google, family & friends, local parenting groups, and the lady in the grocery store can be great at times! But how about when they’re not? When they end up leaving you scared, bewildered, or confused, what next?


*Would you love an unbiased, yet knowledgeable person to take questions to? We gotchu.

*Want a way to filter though the miles of info you’re seeing online? We can help with that.

*Looking to reduce anxiety by learning what happens at the hospital you are going to, rather than other hospitals? We know our local hospitals and are ready to help you with what to expect at yours!

*Wondering if what you are feeling warrants a call to your OB? We can tell you.


When more information is better and you want it to come from a source that’s in the know…you want us. Our specialty is being available to you with all of the info you want, and none of the confusion you don’t.


Check out the ways we help you prepare for baby: Here

Thinking ahead to when baby is here? Excellent: Learning to Live With Baby is a big deal.

Concerns about how you will feed your baby? We’ve got this covered too!


If you’re thinking tell me everything! Then say no more. We can help you with this and are only a phone call away.



Seattle | Tacoma | JBLM | Olympia



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