Doulas Northwest | Should You Hire A Labor or Postpartum Doula?
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07 Mar Should You Hire A Labor or Postpartum Doula?


You’ve looked into it and are undecided.

You love the idea of a Doula. They sound like a modern day Mary Poppins!

When I’m working with a family and they are unsure about a decision they need to make…I encourage them to BRAIN it. BRAINing decisions in life is magical, I tell you.

Should I book that cruise? Do I want one shot or three shots in my latte? Am I ready to introduce a bottle for some of the day’s feedings? Should I hire a Doula?


When you ‘BRAIN’ a decision, you consider several factors that help you make your best decision in that moment. One that resonates for you, for your family, for your unique needs and scenario.


And that my friends, is magic.

So let’s BRAIN the question, “Should I hire a Doula?”


What Are The BENEFITS Of Hiring A Doula?

The benefits of professional Doula support are many, but here are a few.

-You receive access to an expert in the life circumstance you’re experiencing, benefiting from a credible source of knowledge which can offer the piece of mind you are looking for.

-You receive compassionate acceptance of your own ideas, priorities, goals, and ambitions as parents…this will help you build confidence and the realization that you truly are enough. As a person, as a parent, as a partner. That you are the perfect parent for your child.

-You have a trained and skilled professional by your side during labor and/or during the early days as a new parent. You benefit not only from the calm they bring into your day but the hands on comfort measures they are so good at and their seamless way of smoothing your transition into parenthood.

-Truly unbiased support. It’s hard to come by these days, but is completely invaluable. The professional Doula excels at providing exactly this, which benefits you emotionally, educationally, and physically. Simply knowing that you have this person in your corner has proven it’s worth over and over. 


What Are The RISKS Of Hiring A Doula?

Professional Doula services cost money and the Doula industry is unregulated, so choosing wisely is important. Do your research on your chosen Doula’s credentialing to be satisfied that your investment is sound. 

It is possible to find unprofessional Doulas who are difficult to reach by phone or email. Avoid Doulas who have not been trained by an organization that teaches with consistency and a uniform curriculum. Seek out Doulas who value their certifications and who belong to an organization which supports them in their work with clients.

There is risk in hiring a hobby doula, one who chooses to remain uncertified, or one who does not practice with reliable backup in place.


What Are The ALTERNATIVES To Hiring A Doula?

You always have the alternative of asking a friend of family member to support you! And many people do.

You already know that these alternatives are not professional Doulas, and cannot be expected to provide what the professional Doula is prepared to provide, but that does not mean it’s a bad option for you.


What Does My INTUITION Say About Hiring A Doula?

This is a key question that only you can answer. Listen to it and trust it. What does your gut say?



If you do nothing about hiring a Doula right now, then you will have the opportunity to decide tomorrow. It’s ok to say no to hiring a Doula. And it’s ok to hire one tomorrow. 



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