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13 Mar Sleep Tight: The Secret of Swaddling


Swaddling has been the secret to serenity to families for centuries. Cultures around the globe may have different names for the bundled baby, but they all have the same purpose. Wrapping your infant up tight and snug is not only adorable and calming, but is said to have incredible benefits.

Soothe a crying baby

Some studies have shown that swaddling may decrease crying by up to 42% in infants 8 weeks and younger.
And although it does lose effectiveness as your child grows, it is a valuable tool in the early weeks.

Dr. Harvey Karp lists it as one of the key ingredients to what he calls the “5 Ss” in his book Happiest Baby On The Block. Have you checked out this resource yet?

Reduced risk of (SIDS) sudden infant death syndrome

When correctly swaddled and placed on a safe sleep surface, your infant (>8 weeks and not rolling on their own yet, when awake) has less of a chance of rolling onto their belly during slumber.

It also eliminates the crib’s need for extra blankets, keeping baby warm.

Eliminating extra items in the crib and sleeping on her back are associated with a decreased risk of SIDS.

Longer, sounder sleep!

This is for you too, parents!

The longer a baby is comfortable and sleeping, the more zzzz’s for you. Swaddled babies wake less often and have twice as much REM sleep. The increase in REM sleep is also said to have a positive
effect on brain development.

Reduces Anxiety and Fussiness

A snug swaddling reminds them of being in the womb and soothes them. When a baby is soothed they are less likely be over stimulated and this can also reduces anxiety.

Infants are still learning to regulate their body temperature. Swaddling with a light cotton blanket can help your baby feel more comfortable and regulated, leading to less fussiness.

Many families choose to swaddle with lightweight, square swaddle blankets while others choose to purchase specific swaddlers tailored to form a tight fit. Either way, check out our videos on YouTube, where Kristyn demonstrates several of her favorite swaddle variations.


Of course, learning hands on with one of our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas will offer peace of mind and be your best way to master the perfect swaddle for your baby as we stand by your side.


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