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15 Nov Sometimes Postpartum Sucks


Did you know that acknowledging the difficult parts of postpartum recovery and learning to live with a newborn, can be a good thing?


Did you know that it’s not realistic to enjoy every moment of your new life as a parent?


–> Even though you love and want your baby. 

–> Even though you worked really hard to grow and give birth to your baby.

–> Even though you lost your other babies. 

–> Even though you adopted this baby, literally asking to be this baby’s parent…

–> Even though you are thankful for this baby.


The truth is, parenting is awesome AND hard. It’s fun AND messy. It’s exhilarating and exhausting. 


So, it’s ok that you’re not loving diaper duty. Diaper duty sucks sometimes! Especially when it stinks. 


It’s ok that getting up for the 4th time in 5 hours sucks right now. No one is meant to live on zero actual sleep. 


It makes sense to us that today, you wish you were having coffee with your friends, like you used to before your baby was born. We all wish that sometimes. 


We get it when you feel like if you have to wash one.more.bottle you may just decide to toss them into the trash instead. 


It sucks when you haven’t peed in hours, haven’t eaten a warm meal all day, and your baby won’t stay asleep when you lay them down…


The looks of both pity and “really?” that come from the righteous people in the check out aisle while your baby cries and you’re just trying to get out of there…suck. 


It completely sucks to be in physical pain during your recovery, it just does.


We understand how much it sucks to be torn between needing to be with your baby and needing a break. 


Sometimes postpartum sucks. And sometimes it feels like the dream we’ve been holding on to all this time. 


Either way, we are here for you as you figure it out and make your way. Let us know how it’s going. 


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