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03 Apr The Importance Of The Team: Part Two

  Ready for Part Two? We are continuing to offer insight into the foundations of your Doulas Northwest team of Doulas. Who are we? What’s the big deal with our team? What sets us apart?   As mentioned in Part One, the team model behind Doulas Northwest serves to...

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09 Oct Doulas, We Are Missing The Mark

There are a lot of catchy phrases out there. So many companies, brands, ideas that are known and recognized by a single phrase.   Just Do It. I’m Lovin’ It. Don’t Worry, Be Happy.   Taglines and branded phrases eventually become what is familiar. And what becomes familiar lends to...

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04 Oct $39.95 For Skin To Skin In The OR

  Recently, the photo of a patient’s hospital bill went viral, and within a matter of hours: natural birth activists, breastfeeding activists, doulas and other individuals were openly shaming hospitals and doctors, as “evil”.   But what was so horrible about this patient’s bill that it would cause...

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