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07 Mar The 25 Cent Perspective


Perspective: A point of view.


Perspective is a powerful thing. It helps some see any given thing as big or important, while others may see it as small or insignificant.


If I asked you, “What is the most stressful thing on your mind right now?”, what would you say?


Maybe it’s an issue with a beloved pet.

             Or that the sink is backed up again.

Maybe you’re remodeling and have fixture decisions to make!

             Or that the offer of your dream home just came back: rejected.

It could be that your partner just lost her job.

             And that now you wonder how you’ll make rent.


It all comes down to perspective. So I wonder, what is your perspective?


For 1 in 3 families nationally, part of their reality is that they cannot afford to purchase enough diapers each month for their baby. And if a baby cannot be being kept in clean diapers or can’t be being changed often enough, there are real consequences. As you can imagine.


(Nope: food assistance programs, most food banks, and other government assistance programs do not include provision for diapers.)


Depending on your perspective, diapering a baby may be a manageable expense that fits into your new life as a parent or it may be an expensive necessity that is stressful and overwhelming.


If you have the benefit of being able to purchase diapers in bulk

from sources like Costco/Sam’s Club and other retailers who sell in bulk, you can

expect to spend an average of .25 per diaper when spanning the sizes of NB through 6.

If you must purchase your diapers in smaller/individual package quantities,

your cost per diaper increases sharply.


So, here’s a tough question:

If you had to choose between paying the power bill and buying enough diapers each month, which would you choose?

How would you decide, and how would it feel to have to make that choice?


For you, right now: what is your perspective?


Does the average of $1.00 for every 4 diapers feel like a lot or a little?

Because if it feels like a little, then I ask that you consider what we’re doing over here. Get involved with us in our effort designed to ease the stress for those who feel like it’s a lot.


No Child Wet Behind; Diaper Drive and Fundraising Event with 5K Run & 1mi Family Fun Run.


Doulas Northwest believes that giving back to our community in this real, tangible way is important and we will do it no matter what. But we could really use your help.


If you’re feeling inspired and want to know more, I can help with that.


  • No Child Wet Behind -Organization’s main website with Olympia’s event is listed under “events”, hosted by Doulas Northwest.
  • Facebook Event Page -Daily posts and information about how things are going & what is needed as we get closer to race day.
  • Amazon gift registry -We need diapers! Conveniently purchase diapers for donation and ship them directly to DNW using this registry.
  • Race Registration -We also need runners! Register online for our 5K run on May 13th.
  • Financial Sponsors -We still need official sponsors and have wonderful ways to say THANK YOU for being involved in this way! Connect with us at info@doulasnorthwest. 


It’s all about perspective. Join us!


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