Doulas Northwest | The ABC’s Of Finding Your Best Overnight Support
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29 May The ABC’s Of Finding Your Best Overnight Support


If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times:


“I was told No so many times before finding you…I’m so excited!”

“We thought we needed a night nanny and never even knew that Postpartum Doulas did this.”

“You’re like the angel-mother-friend who also knows everything about babies…you’re a Godsend.”


When you are looking to hire specialized support for your family that includes the overnight hours and inclusive care, a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is your main squeeze.


Since Doulas Northwest began including the option for postpartum overnight scheduling several years ago, we’ve seen a great increase in the number of Pacific Northwest area families who are saying “helllllll yes” to this piece of the support puzzle.


So here are the ABC’s of finding your best overnight support during early parenting and learning to live at home with your babies:


A = Availability

The first trick is to find a doula service who makes overnight scheduling available (and) has current availability on their calendar for your family’s request.

When working as a solo doula, it can be nearly impossible to make overnight scheduling available, when that doula is also offering daytime support or attending births. As one person, they can only be in so many places, right?

So, finding a doula service that has multiple doulas on it’s team, and a broader ability to be available at night is key.

Doulas Northwest exists as an agency so that we can be widely available to multiple families at once, with round the clock scheduling options, and with reliable back up in place in case it’s needed. It is because of our dedicated team that we are able to provide such valuable support during more challenging hours.


B = Bedside Manner

Bringing someone into your home to be present at night is a big deal! If it were me, I’d be very picky and want only the best (and nicest) people in town. It’s also very normal to be wary of a near stranger coming in to be around you and your new baby through the night.

Because of these special circumstances, think about what values you are looking for.

-Do you want someone who will enter your home with a specific agenda or preconceived idea of how you should be parenting?

-Or do you want someone who will come in and ask you what you’d like to see happening, and be looking to help you accomplish your unique goals?

Find a doula service that delights in seeing you do you, and parent your way as opposed to theirs.


C = Compassion & Credentialing

One of the best things about a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula that is different than a night nanny or a night nurse, is that they are a support to you as new parents in addition to any help you ask for with your baby. Your doula is trained to understand what is normal and what falls outside the realm of normal during postpartum recoveries from birth and the entire transition into confident parenting.

Because of this inclusive training and experience, your doula should be particularly attentive to your physical and emotional needs as a new parent. It should feel good to have them in your home, offering an increased sense of calm and peace of mind.

Additionally, quality of training matters. Find a doula service that provides doulas who have been trained professionally, who take certification seriously, and who have been training from the same organization. Full transparency in the training received is important for the safety and well being of your family.

Standardized training curriculums, strict & professional standards of practice, and accountability to their training organization are all things to ask for.


Excellence in overnight support is out there! I hope these suggestions help you find it in your area.


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